Ronnie Buys

Ronnie Buys

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Self-proclaimed “Nature Boy”, Ronnie loves everything about being out in the wilderness, on tour in the bush, exploring all that is wild and untamed. Then to share it with his guests, that’s the pinnacle, his ultimate and his passion.

Ronnie Buys
Ronnie BuysRonnie BuysRonnie Buys

Born and raised in Rehoboth, south of Windhoek, Ronnie is a true Namibian with the country and all that it offers at the centre of who he is. From his parents, as a young lad, he learnt to care for animals and the environment, this the basis on which he built his career. Now an experienced and knowledgeable guide, Ronnie is one of the most decent people we know and a sure asset to have on tour.

He worked as a police officer for 14 years and then later became a VIP chauffeur in the film industry, but Ronnie's love for nature and travel drew him to guiding and now years later, a mighty fine guide is he. He's certainly one of our top picks.

Humble, kind and down to earth, Ronnie is caring with a positive attitude and a great smile. His top priority is always the comfort of his guests and to make sure that they leave loving Namibia and the surrounds as much as he does. Not a hard sell, but with this in mind you can be sure your experience will be top rated.

Ronnie is a fan of the red sand in the Kalahari and Sossusvlei and the wildlife and geology of Kaokoland in Namibia and of our neighbouring countries he has great respect for the Okavango Delta in Botswana as a true wildlife destination, raw and completely wild. No matter where your tour is headed, you can be sure Ronnie has plenty to share with you whether facts or personal tales of his adventures.

When not on tour, Ronnie is spending time with his wife and four children as a family man. They too love to be outdoors enjoying anything and everything from nature walks, hikes or swimming. There's nothing like a day out in the bush and then to end a braai with stories around the fire. A good movie will do too.

Binoculars in hand, camera at the ready, Ronnie is always prepared. He's ready to take you on safari and to show you everything he loves so much about his home country. A country of friendly people, incredible landscapes and a place to make memories. "Our country still leaves me speechless!" and he knows you'll leave you feeling the same.

Here's what some of Ronnie's fans have to say:

"Ronnie was super! He went above and beyond - all around. He is super knowledgeable, very accommodating and always made sure we were 100% happy." - JW, United States

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