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Best Time to Visit Namibia

November 8, 2023

Unlike many other African countries, Namibia is a great all year destination. The months in the dry season are the best time for game viewing whereas the wetter (green) season is better for scenery, bird watching and general photography.

The months of: January, February, March & April:

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Wildlife and game viewing: Animals, especially in Etosha, tend to spread out and not gather at the waterholes. However, this does not mean that one does not see animals. Many of the plains game like springbok and zebra, give birth during this time so lots of young to be seen. Animals like the lions, leopard and others stay in their territories and do not move away.

Desert and landscapes: This period is the best time to visit the Namib Desert with its green grasses, open and clear skies with some beautiful cloud formations.

Photography: This is an excellent time in the desert for the Namibia landscapes, beautiful colours as well as ethnic people.

Climate / Temperatures:

January & February - The hottest of the summer months. It can get extremely hot and humid with temperatures averaging around 30 - 35ºC / 86 - 95ºF but often reaching peaks of 40ºC / 104ºF in the southern and more northern areas of the country. Downpours are common in the afternoons but also not falling every day.

March & April - Rainfall is less throughout March and has usually stopped completely by the end of April. Daytime temperatures are cooler than in the peak of summer and the nights start to get colder. Most days will see temperatures of around 25 - 30ºC / 77 - 86ºF.

The months of: May, June, July & August:

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Wildlife and game viewing: Water levels are dropping and animals start congregating at waterholes for their daily drink. Still quite a lot of vegetation so animals are a quite spread out. These are good months for game viewing in Namibia.

Desert and landscapes: Autumn and winter months means cool and chilly evenings bringing crisp conditions, clear skies and pristine dunes and landscapes.

Photography: Fantastic months for photography. Landscapes, dune formations etc are at their best with little dust in the air giving clear and open skies.

Climate / Temperatures:

May - Rains have ceased and therefore scenery is lovely and green. During the day temperatures are moderate between 24 - 28ºC / 75-82ºF. Evenings and nights are not that cold yet and are at most times pleasant but cool.

June - Falling just before the winter months, it starts getting colder in the evenings and at night, where temperatures can start dropping to 10ºC / 50ºF. In the southern desert areas it can get very cold. During the day temperatures are still pleasant between 20 - 24ºC / 68 - 75ºF.

July & August - Usually the coldest of the winter months. Average temperatures during the day are around 21 - 25ºC / 70 - 77ºF. At night it drops to around 7ºC / 45ºF and can fall below freezing in the southern desert areas and more northern regions of the country. Pack enough warm clothing and jackets are essential for early morning and late afternoon activities and on safaris.

The months of: September, October, November & December:

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Wildlife and game viewing: This period can get very hot indeed which makes for excellent game viewing … again, a wide range of animals meeting at the waterholes. This is often during the heat of the day so good game viewing throughout the day. In the north of Namibia, the rains can start as early as December but game viewing is normally still excellent.

Desert and landscapes: All year destination but can get extremely hot from about 11h00 to 16h00.

Photography: Photography in Namibia is always good … game in Etosha, dunes at Sossusvlei, landscapes and ethnic people. Plan for sunrise and sunset. Middle of the day and early afternoon is hot and the light would not be that good.

Climate / Temperatures:

September & October- From September, daytime temperatures warm up slightly but it still isn’t too hot. The morning and evening chill factor is less and skies are clear as it is still dry season. During October it gets even drier throughout the country, due to the longer period without rain, and it slowly starts to get warmer during the days and evenings. Daytime temperatures can during this time get quite hot.

November - It starts to really warm up as we head towards our peak summer months. It can get very hot throughout Namibia during November, but humidity is still low. Daytime temperatures can rise to 30ºC / 86ºF but can be a lot higher in the southern desert areas and far north of Namibia. Clouds can often be seen in the afternoons but it is not common for rain to fall yet.

December - A hot month overall with the first rains starting to fall throughout the country. When it rains it cools off a bit making for pleasant temperatures. Rains are usually in short bursts and don’t last too long.

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