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General Travel FAQs

How soon do I need to book, especially for the peak season?
Can I do laundry at the lodges?
Do we need vaccinations when we visit Namibia?
Can I drink the tap water?
Is travel insurance really necessary?
What do I need to bring?
What guarantee do I have that on arrival, everything is sorted and arranged as per the planned itinerary?
Why does Booking.com show rooms available but you say they are fully booked?
Will it cost more if I book direct?
Why should I book with NTS and not online direct with a lodge or a hotel?
What is the food like in restaurants and lodges?
Are credit cards widely used?
What currency is used in Namibia?
Namibia only or add Botswana and Victoria Falls?
To what extent is my car rental vehicle covered by the insurance paid?
What is included in my car hire costs?
What does Fully Inclusive (FI) mean?
Can I reclaim VAT (Value Added Tax) in Namibia?
Can I take pictures of the local people in the local/ cultural villages?
Can I drive to Namibia from South Africa?
Do the lodges have internet connectivity/ WiFi?
Why is availability sometimes limited in Namibia?
What does it mean if a booking is waitlisted at a lodge?
I received a quote from another company. How do I compare this?
Why is a self-drive so much cheaper than a private guided tour?

Fly-in Safaris FAQs

Which company do you use for charter flights?
Where can I store excess luggage?
What are the luggage restrictions?

Private Guided Safaris FAQs

What is a 'private guided' safari?
On a private guided tour, what activities are included that can be done with our private guide?

Self Drive Safaris FAQs

What if I can't drive a manual vehicle?
The vehicle rental states no off-road driving. What exactly does this mean?
Do I need an international driver’s license if doing a self-drive tour?
What type of car is best for Namibia, Botswana and neighbouring countries?
Is Namibia 'self-drive friendly'?
What happens if I have a flat tyre or my vehicle breaks down?
Is Namibia easy to navigate?
Can I drive in Namibia before dawn and after dusk?
Which side of the road do you drive on in Namibia?
Do I need a satellite phone?
Should I book activities with the lodges or do activities myself if I'm doing a self-drive tour?
How do I calculate the driving times between destinations?

Namibia FAQs

Can I fly my drone in Namibia?
Can I do self-drive game drives in Etosha?
Sossusvlei/ Dead Pan/ Big Daddy Dune – can we drive ourselves?
What is the electrical voltage in Namibia?
Which electrical adapters are used in Namiba?
How easy is it to stock up on supplies when in Namibia?
Do I need a VISA to visit Namibia?
What are the main airports in Namibia?
Is Namibia safe?
What is the time zone in Namibia?
Can I visit the Skeleton Coast?
Is Namibia malaria free?
How long do I need to travel in Namibia?
When is the best time to travel to Namibia?
Why travel to Namibia?
Can I use my drone in Namibia?
For photography in Namibia, do I need a special permit?
What language is spoken in Namibia?
When is the peak season in Namibia?
Do animals roam the streets?
Can I view the waterholes inside Etosha at night, if staying at a lodge outside the park?
Is Namibia a family-friendly destination for travel?
What is the climate and weather like in Namibia?

Meet the Team

Our happy team visiting Sossusvlei
We’ve travelled. We’ve adventured. We’ve experienced. We're eager to share our world, never forgetting that each itinerary is as unique as the traveller.

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