Julia Timke

Julia Timke

Julia's favourite destinations:

Etosha National Park hands down. One park with so many different game drive routes and incredible wildlife in numbers.

Her areas of expertise:

I have always enjoyed the finer things in life, so luxury Itineraries would be my go-to. I love to focus on the smaller details that will make a trip that much more memorable. As we all know travelling is what shapes a person’s perception of life.

Favourite lodges:

Old Trader's Lodge on the private Erindi Game Reserve. It offers a beautiful variety of suites that are all connected through pathways. There is a stunning viewing deck situated at a large waterhole. You could sit there relaxing all day just taking it in.

Favourite itinerary:

The 16 Day Namibia, Chobe and Victoria Falls Safari combines the riveting variety of desert and wildlife we have with the vast wetlands of the Caprivi and Chobe. Not to mention ending the trip with an actual wonder of the world – Victoria Falls.

Best memory on safari:

Seeing a herd of elephants for the first time in Damaraland. I was still quite young at the time but I was left in awe at the wonder of these incredible adapted animals and how they survive in such a harsh environment. They have such a special dynamic among them with regards to their relationship to one another, significantly with a calf in the herd. It is something to admire.

Travel tip:

Be prepared for constant weather changes. As you travel through Namibia you will notice the different climate and temperatures from destination to destination and in some places, you'll even find all seasons in one day.

Best kept travel secret:

Take in your surroundings – no matter where you find yourself, take a moment and appreciate where you are; these moments will last a lifetime.

Favourite travel quote:

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.”  ~ Anita Desai

Her story...

With an honours degree in Event Management, a passion for travel and a deep affection for Namibia, it’s no surprise Julia makes an incredible tour consultant. We’re delighted to have her on the team at NTS. She’s always willing, more than able and she does it with a smile. Every time.

Born and raised in Germany, bar 12 years from the age of two which she spent on the coast of Namibia, Julia fits right in and is happy to be back and to call Swakopmund home again (as from 2020). A place, which, much like herself, is a whole bunch of authentic Namibian with a strong German influence.

Julia met her boyfriend on return to Swakopmund, just another reason she’s happy to stick around, as if the long walks with her dogs or going horse riding in the dunes, wasn’t enough of a reason. There’s really no better place for her to be.

Although Julia had originally planned to go into the events field in Namibia, when COVID came around, her plans changed. Thank goodness for that, as she then found her way into tourism, something she hadn’t considered before and we’ll happily say it - she could not be better suited.

She loves a luxury stay but she's also happy to go camping. Anytime. Anywhere. As long as it boasts one of Namibia’s fine landscapes and of course the quiet of being in nature. Game drives in Etosha National Park are some of Julia’s fondest memories. It’s all about experiencing wildlife against the backdrop of such a vast and beautiful pan. It's unlike anywhere else in the world. We could say the same for the rest of Namibia too.

Julia loves cuisine, both dining out and staying in to cook herself. For her, it’s in knowing that the same ingredients can make so many delicious dishes with a few small tweaks. She says the same of planning a holiday – you may well visit the same destinations but the journey should depend on your kind of taste. She aims to please and always does.

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"To sum it up: extraordinary!"

Thanks to you for putting together the logistics for this trip and making it very memorable.

Nov 2023

"Better than we could have imagined."

Thank you so much for organising such a fabulous trip.

Nov 2023

"We had the most amazing time"

I truly cannot thank you and your team enough for making our dream a reality

Oct 2023

"We have had a wonderful trip to Namibia"

Thank you so much for your care of us for the whole year of planning and the days we were with you.

Aug 2023
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