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Namibia Tours & Safaris is committed to protecting your personal information and respecting your privacy.

Personal information

Namibia Tours & Safaris (NTS) collects and stores client and trade partner data obtained directly from source in a secure, encrypted database. NTS does not and will not sell, rent, or give away any of this data to third parties for any purposes whatsoever unless compelled by law or legitimate court order to do so.


We send occasional email announcements to our existing clients and registered partners about annual rates increases, upcoming trade shows we are attending and other important trade-specific messages. We manage our mailing list in-house using industry-leading software and every email has an 'unsubscribe' link for instant removal.

Non-personal information

NTS uses various technologies to collect and store information that is not used to identify you in any way. This information is used to analyse our website's traffic in order to maintain and improve our website's service delivery.


Our website uses cookies to give you the very best user experience (we aim to please). Cookies help us remember information about your visit to the website along with other settings and searches.  This allows us to understand which pages you’ve seen and how frequently you visited in order to determine which pages are the most popular and which you find to be the most useful and of interest to you. By knowing your preferences, we can customise your view of the website and ensure that the website operates more efficiently. We can also tailor our marketing and advertisements to you on our website, from other websites you visit, via social media and on your other devices.

Cookies are small computer files which are downloaded to your device. The cookies used on our site are anonymous and contain no personal information. Rather they collect information about how you navigate our website and the internet to assist us in providing a better website and service to you. Cookies are not harmful to your computer and are industry standard. They are small text files that contain only information you provide to the website.

Should you not wish to accept cookies, you can change your internet browser settings to accept or refuse all cookies, choose which cookies you want or don’t want, or ask to be notified when a cookie is set. Use the help feature in your browser to see how. If you choose not to accept cookies, you can still continue to use the site but only to browse, you may not be able to benefit from all the features of our website and email newsletters or contact us online if you have cookies disabled.

For more information about cookies – how to control and delete them, please visit

Cookies We Use:

Application Cookies  
Snazzy Maps
Algolia Search

Marketing Cookies

Analytical Cookies    
Google analytics and marketing
Heap Analytics

Security Cookies  
XSRF Token
Google reCAPTCHA v3  For risk analysis and spam protection

Behavioural Cookies  
Foxhat_session  This is a private/custom cookie related to our CMS so we know when one of us are logged in


A referrer is the web site address that linked to NTS - usually a search engine or an affiliated site. Namibia Tours & Safaris stores a list of referrers in order to establish visitor patterns and to enhance the site using these results. This information remains anonymous and is stored in a secure environment.

IP Addresses

An IP address is a unique number assigned to your computer. Depending on your network, it may always be the same number, or it may be generated each time you connect to the internet. Namibia Tours & Safaris stores a list of IP addresses in order to establish visitor patterns and to enhance the site using these results. This information remains anonymous and is stored in a secure environment.

System Information

System information includes details about your computer system such as the local time, type of web browser being used, the operating system and computer platform. Your web browser automatically sends this information to a web server when you connect to a website. Namibia Tours & Safaris stores these details in order to establish technical requirements and to improve the service delivery of our website. This information remains anonymous and is stored in a secure environment.


We take every reasonable step to keep your information secure, including physical and virtual security at the locations where information is stored. We store personally identifiable information on our secure server over  an encrypted (HTTPS) connection. We do not store credit card or banking details and any passwords are stored in encrypted format.

Changes to this privacy policy

This privacy policy is subject to change without prior notice.

For any further information or any questions about our privacy policy please do not hesitate to contact us.

August 18, 2023

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We’ve travelled. We’ve adventured. We’ve experienced. We're eager to share our world, never forgetting that each itinerary is as unique as the traveller.

"Such a lovely trip"

Just wanted to say thanks again for helping us organize such a lovely trip in Namibia.

June 2023

"The self drive was fantastic"

This trip was absolutely amazing and is one of my tops!

March 2023

"A wonderful time"

Just a short note to thank you and your company for all the work you did to ensure our trip was a success.

Jan 2023

"Very special"

I love supporting really good companies and Namibia Tours & Safaris was really good.

Jan 2023
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