Sunset view over the Namib Desert landscape from Desert Whisper

Our Ratings

“It’s written in the stars”. Our star rating serves as a literal guide, offering a succinct summary of the properties featured in our itineraries and on our website.

We base our star ratings on a number of factors that together will give you a more realistic view of what to expect at each establishment. We consider location, service, dining, activity offering and everything in between. And since we ourselves have visited, inspected or stayed at many of the lodges, our star ratings are based on first-hand experience to give the truest reflection.

Here’s a breakdown of how we attribute the star ratings:

These properties are basic at best. There isn’t much so there isn’t much to rate.

In most cases this would be given to a campsite with limited to no facilities or shared facilities and often those which are not ideally situated to the highlights of the area.

E.g. Olifantsrus Camp, Spitzkoppe Campsites, Sesriem Campsite

These properties are decent and doable, but not our first or favourite picks for various reasons.

Lodges or camps with a 2 star rating often have limited facilities, sub-standard service or dining and limited activity offerings. They are not always in the most favourable locations to sights and while in some areas they may excel, in others they may be lacking in comparison.

A campsite with a 2 star rating is a good option with reasonable facilities which are often private and these are our preferred campsites.

E.g. Etosha Village Campsite, Halali, Cheetah View Lodge, Camp Namibia

Lodges and camps with a 3 star rating are what we consider to be of good standard and great value for money. They are usually well located to the highlights of each destination and offer the activities you’d expect to do in the area plus offer some additionally. Across all they provide the necessary and oftentimes a little more than you would expect. These are your typical mid-market properties that are well-priced and despite not being top of the range, are worthy of a stay and sometimes even some of our favourites.

E.g. Dead Valley Lodge, Etendeka Mountain Camp, Camp Kipwe

These lodges and camps are by far better than standard. They are usually best located, offer incredible service, fine dining with magnificent views and an activity menu to delight. These properties are often booked on a full board, full board with activities or fully inclusive basis to up the offering and also the price tag. They are however well worth it and if you ask us, these are mostly our favourite’s to recommend. They are more luxurious and extravagant with more to offer yet aren’t the most expensive in the country.

E.g. Kwessi Dunes, Namib Outpost, Hoanib Valley Camp

These properties are the best of the best. They come at the highest price tag, but are worth splurging on if you want to have the full experience to the fullest in every way possible. Top notch, top class, top everything and to top it all you’re basically royalty when you stay here. These are the lodges and the camps you would find in your itinerary if you've requested top luxury.

E.g. Mowani Mountain Camp Private Suite, Omaanda Lodge

January 25, 2024

Meet the Team

Our happy team visiting Sossusvlei
We’ve travelled. We’ve adventured. We’ve experienced. We're eager to share our world, never forgetting that each itinerary is as unique as the traveller.

"Thank you for all your hard work making such a successful trip!"

What a sensational week we had with Augie, seeing glorious Namibia!!  It was beyond our expectations and everyone at home is oooing and awwing over our photos.

Apr 24

"Breathtaking landscapes and unique cultural experiences"

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services to anyone seeking a truly exceptional travel experience in Namibia.

Apr 24

"NTS organized the trip wonderfully!"

We felt that the trip kept getting better every day

Feb 24

"The trip of our lives!"

Everything was excellently planned by Ashlee at Namibia Tours & Safaris.

Feb 24
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