Marcel Vosloo

Marcel Vosloo

Although Marcel was born in Cape Town in South Africa, she grew up in Swakopmund in Namibia. From one coast to another, it’s no surprise she loves the ocean and the beach and she’s no stranger to the more exotic ones either. The likes of Bali, Thailand, The Seychelles, The Bahamas and Mozambique to name but a few. It was her love for diving, sailing and yoga that saw her call these extraordinary places home, even if only for a while, and despite the lure, she still returned back to Namibia. Surprising to some, but for those of us who know Namibia, it’s really a no-brainer that she’s back.

Namibia has it all and then some. From the endless desert landscapes, the desolate Skeleton Coast and the wildlife of Etosha National Park with everything in between. Marcel loves all of it and the best part is sharing it on tour with her guests. When are you coming? She’s ready and waiting.

Her qualification as a great guide in Namibia is found in her years of experience and the incredible glowing reviews she receives. You’ll be happy to have her take you on your adventure of Namibia. She always goes the extra mile, which has a whole new meaning when you understand Namibia’s vastness, she’s accommodating, easy-going and up for anything. A sure-fire win in English, Afrikaans or even in German.

Her guiding journey started in 2017 at the inception of her yoga and wellness safari company, but her love for travel and the beauty and charm of Namibia started long before. As a child she travelled the depths of the country with both her parents in tourism. Her dad was a guide in his younger years and his passion for it shaped Marcel’s deep connection with nature and wildlife from a young age. From the vast lands of Namibia as a child to her explorations of the Mediterranean Seas and open oceans in her twenties, Marcel is now firmly grounded in Namibia and happy to be home.

Of Namibia she says, “I don’t have a favourite place or destination. Everything about Namibia is remarkable and each has something unique to offer.” If she has to be specific though… “The TokTokkie Trail is one of my favourite memories and experiences.” If she has to pick a favourite lodge, it’ll be one that offers wellness activities such as yoga, a spa and gym, walking trails, biking and healthy meals. For Marcel it comes full circle when the lodge accommodates mind, body and soul especially in a setting as incredible as any of Namibia’s best.

Much like how she lives her life, it’s not just the destination but the journey that makes a safari so special. This is what Namibia is all about for Marcel. It’s as much about discovering the hidden treasures of the country as it is a discovery of self. We can hardly think of a better way to do both other than on a private guided tour of Namibia and beyond with Marcel.

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