Nico Visser

Nico Visser

Nico grew up and went to school in the sheep-farming region around Aranos deep in the Kalahari of Namibia. Perennially cheerful, Nico is a self-made man from modest beginnings and it’s quite natural to feel a little awed in the presence of such humility.

Nico’s path to guiding stardom began in 2002 when he enrolled in Tourism Management at the Namibia University of Science and Technology - paid for by working at a Catholic mission doing all kinds of hard labour like mucking out sheep poop, making bricks and de-bushing grazing land.

Diploma under his belt Nico then did his practical training in desert guiding at the amazing Wolwedans where he was quickly snapped up as a full-time guide.

Not content with a mere Diploma, Nico headed to Cape Town enrolling at Cape Peninsula University of Science and Technology to get his Degree in Tourism Management. His final thesis on environmental awareness at lodges in Namibia was published in the Journal for Development and Leadership at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in South Africa in 2012.

Back in Nam Nico has busied himself guiding throughout Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe all the while working up the levels at the Namibia Academy of Tourism and Hospitality. He is now a certified level 4 guide - the highest level of course - and it’s just a matter of time before he adds yet more qualifications behind his name.

It almost goes without saying that such an over-achiever is as fit as he is smart and Nico loves cycling, trail running and trekking through the many guises of our Namib Desert - his all-time favourite place where, like the man himself, there is way, way more than meets the eye.

Capable, qualified, experienced, courteous, attentive, cheerful… small wonder Nico is one of our favourite guides.

Here's what Nico's fans have to say:

"Nico was THE BEST guide! He was super attentive, professional and always friendly. We had a loads of fun on tour."

"He has amazing knowledge about Namibia and other regions of Africa. From fauna & flora, history, the people, traditions, culture etc. always delivered with respect, humour and a smile. We had a great time with him, and for us, he was not just our driver/guide anymore, but another friend of the group." - DE, Switzerland

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