For the majority of visitors to Southern Africa, visas are issued at port of entry. There are of course exceptions so, regardless of what country you are from, be sure to confirm your visa requirements for every country you plan to visit in advance.

Most visas are issued to cover the duration of your trip up to a maximum of 90 days. Nationals from some countries - depending on current foreign relations it would seem - are charged fairly eye-watering sums for the privilege of entry while others may have to jump through several red-taped hoops in addition.

Thus, in all cases and for every member of your group, please consult your nearest embassy or consulate as the most reliable source of current regulations.  Bear in mind you may need to produce supporting documentation that takes a long time to source and therefore we recommend you ascertain your visa requirements before you even book your trip.

Please note: while we can furnish you with supporting documents for your visa application, we cannot provide or substantiate visa advice or services. This is due to the large administrative and legal burden of staying current with visa requirements for nationals from every country for each of the countries in the sub-continent.

You can look up your requirements using an online visa service like or contact your nearest Embassy or Consulate:


As of August 2021, the government in Botswana has officially launched an online visa application platform. This means that foreign citizens who previously needed to apply for a visa to travel to Botswana, can now do this online. Travellers can now log onto the portal to create an application, make payment, complete the visa application and upload all supporting documents as well as check the visa status.

Click here to apply for your Botswana eVisa.

The eVisa costs BWP 300 (approx. USD 27) for a single entry valid for up to one month and BWP 500 (approx. USD 45) for multiple entries valid for up to three months. The visa in non-refundable and payment does not guarantee approval.

Click here to view a list of all countries that require visas for Botswana.

Botswana Embassy Finder


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South Africa

South Africa Embassy Finder

Zambia and the Zambian side of Victoria Falls

Zambia Embassy Finder

Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwean side of Victoria Falls

Zimbabwe Embassy Finder

Important: airlines may refuse passage if you don't have the correct visa in your passport and we cannot be held liable for damages resulting from incomplete travel documents. For more information please see our Terms and Conditions.

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