A man happily walking on top of a sand dune with rolling sand dunes in the background.

23 Things to do in 2023

There's no limit to the amazing experiences and activities on offer in Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and beyond, but there sure are a number you can add to your bucket list for 2023. Here is a list of 23 of the most incredible, unique and once-in-a-lifetime things to do and not to miss. Best yet, we can book them for you. Make them a reality.

1. Climb the dunes of Sossusvlei. Some of the world's highest in the world's oldest desert.

2. Hike the Fish River Canyon. It's deep, steep and beautifully scenic.

3. Visit the eerie town of Kolmanskop near Luderitz. An old diamond mining town engulfed by the desert.

4. Trek across the Kalahari Desert. An expanse of red desert sands and wide open spaces.

5. Enjoy a sundowner overlooking Spitzkoppe. Easily one of the best in Africa.

6. Go find the desert adapted elephants in Damaraland. It's a harsh world. They're elusive. It's a special sighting.

7. Take to the skies on a scenic flight over the dunes. A desert as far as they eye can see.

8. Watch a movie in the middle of nowhere. Sit back, relax and enjoy an outdoor movie at Sonop.

9. Hot air balloon over the world's oldest desert. Soar the skies at sunrise. It's phenomenal.

10. Explore the rolling dunes by quad or fat bike. Adventure in the desert. A new perspective and whole lot of fun.

11. Meet the semi-nomadic Himba people. They're fascinating. One of the world's last authentic tribes.

12. Game drive in Etosha. Wildlife. Wildlife and more wildlife.

13. Go wild camping. That's right, pitch tent in a remote area of Damaraland or Kaokoland and enjoy everything that makes it wild and untamed.

14. Go on a horseback safari with Desert Homestead. Explore the desert, wetlands and wildlife. Something different. It's peaceful and exhilarating.

15. Walk with wildlife at Okonjima. A chance to get up close to some incredible species.

16. Sleep out under the stars. Africa's night skies are surreal. So dark making stars so bright.

17. Cruise the Chobe River. Get up close to wildlife. Relax and enjoy a sundowner.

18. Game walk in the Okavango Delta. Go on a guided walking safari. Explore the bush and wildlife on foot.

19. Take a helicopter over Victoria Falls. It's scenic and inspiring.

20. Go rhino tracking at Desert Rhino Camp. It's amazing to see a rhino in the wild. It's even more amazing to track them on foot.

21. Kayak/mokoro in the Okavango Delta. Cruise the winding waterways. Explore the wilderness in silence.

22. Track black-maned lion in the Kalahari. Spotting a lion in the desert is incredible.

23. Visit the Quiver Tree Forest in the south of Namibia. Get a permit and photograph them beneath the brilliant night skies.

If you’re thinking of planning an action-packed safari, our team of travel experts is here to help! We'll tailor-make an itinerary just for you and your bucket list. Enquire now.

January 13, 2023

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