A panoramic view of a Wild Horizons boat on a cruise on the river with hippos in the water nearby.

Victoria Falls Activities

July 6, 2023

Everyone is catered for out here in the self-styled adventure capital of Africa. The only problem is choosing what to do so here's an abbreviated list of the most popular activities in and around Victoria Falls.

Explore Victoria Falls from Zimbabwe and Zambia

Crossing over the picturesque bridge that spans the Batoka Gorge, you can explore the falls at leisure from both sides of the Zambezi River.

Highlights on the Zimbabwe side include the rain forest, which is a protected sanctuary of ancient fig and mahogany trees alive with birds and small mammals; Devil's Cataract, where the formation of the next falls is slowly taking place; the Main Falls, in flow all year; Horseshoe Falls; and Rainbow Falls, suitably picturesque and a must at full moon when you can stay in the park after dark.

From the Zambia side of the falls, the Eastern Cataract, in flow during mid to peak water levels, provides a magnificent view along the gorge. Explore the falls from above at Livingstone Island and the Devil's Pools; below at the Boiling Pot; and astride at Danger Point, Chain Walk and Knife Edge.

The falls are magnificent and there's no shortage of ways to explore it all. Where to begin? Right here's a good start. A list of all the best activities and experiences. There's plenty and more. We didn't even list them all, just the ones we'd definitely recommend. Make sure you have enough time here to do as many of them as you can, especially when some can't be done elsewhere. Add them to your bucket list. Book your trip and then tick them off. Here we go.

Tour of Victoria Falls

Explore the wonder of the falls on foot from the edge within the rainforest. Zimbabwe definitely has the best views of the falls and numerous view points (16 to be exact) where you can stop and take pictures and simply stand in awe with the sound of the crashing water, in high water season even felt beneath your feet as you are drenched by the spray that easily rises 400 metres above. It's not called the 'The Smoke that Thunders' for nothing.

This is possible to do on your own but why not go with a guide? Let them unfold the mystery of this sheer curtain of water for you or do it with an audio guide if you need a foreign language translation (available at the entrance for USD 10 per person).

Hire a rain coat if you need one and grab a map from a local vendor. A waterproof cover for your camera is also a good idea.

The guided tour costs USD 23 per person (excluding the park entrance fee of USD 30 at the gate which is additional)

Go early morning, as the sun comes up for the best light. Wear a good pair of walking shoes with good grip. Don't cross barriers (they're there for a reason).

Plan your trip on either side of the full moon to see a "moonbow" (also costs USD 23 per person with access into the park at night. The entrance fee is USD 40).

* Go see the falls from Zambia. That's right a new perspective from the other side. A different view point. USD 44 p/p

(excludes the USD 20 park entry fee and any applicable visa fees)

Fly over the falls

A whole new perspective of the sheer grandeur of the falls. Take a helicopter flip over the falls. This is a must experience. Grasp the extent of the Zambezi River before the water comes crashing down and the curtain of mist rises. It's a bit more pricey, but well worth every cent. Take our word for it.

12 - 13 minute Flight of Angels - USD 150 p/p

25 minute Zambezi Spectacular Flight - USD 284 p/p

The above excludes the USD 15 National Parks fee and fuel surcharges. You transfer from Victoria Falls town or your hotel is included.

Vic Falls Township Tour

Go explore the township of Victoria Falls. See the local markets. Let your guide lead the way.

USD 20 p/p

Cruise the Zambezi River

Take a boat cruise to explore the mighty Zambezi River, 5km upstream of the falls. Crocodiles, hippos and often even elephant herds can be seen crossing. It's one of the givens when visiting Victoria Falls. Take a standard river cruise to tick it off. Up the ante and go luxury on an upmarket river cruise, the same river just done in style. Or really make a thing of it. Go at sunset and dine on board. Now we're talking.

This is a relaxing boat ride. You don't see the falls from here but that's not what it's about. If that's what you're into, keep reading and look out for white water rafting below.

Sunset River Cruise - USD 40 p/p

Upmarket River Cruise (The Zambezi Royal, River Song, Zambezi Explorer, the Victoria and Ra Ikane) - USD 60 to USD 85 p/p

Early Morning Birdwatching Cruise - USD 55 p/p

Lunch Cruise - USD 90 p/p

Dinner Cruise - USD 80 p/p

The above excludes the USD 10 River Usage fee to be paid direct

Try cultural cuisines

The Boma Restaurant is a surefire favourite and by far the most popular dining experience in Victoria Falls. An authentic local dining experience that will have you dressing in the cultural attire ('chitenges'), painting your face, playing drums and eating Mopani worms. Well that's if you want to. You certainly don't have to, but if you do you'll get a certificate as proof.

It's all about traditional Zimbabwean cuisine. A four course meal buffet style. There's something for everyone, including those who are more daring and those who prefer to play it safe.

This is quite frankly a must when in Victoria Falls. The atmosphere is amazing. Far better than the local beer you'll try and the predictions by the Sangoma (traditional healer).

Boma Dinner - USD 50 p/p (including a one way transfer. Add another USD 8 for return)

Historical Bridge Tour

Once through immigration and customs, the tour begins with an entertaining performance looking into the life of Mr. Georges Imbault, the chief engineer during construction of the bridge. You'll be captivated learning the history of how the bridge came to be as stories unfold. Explore the Visitors Centre. You can go walk underneath the bridge if you want, it's optional. Then there's time to meander before heading back. There's a cafe too. The tour is roughly 2 hours long.

USD 65 p/p

Go on safari

Ok so you came here for the falls but there are a number of great, and by great, we mean spectacular game parks in the area that definitely warrant your attention. Now if you're already doing "safari" on your trip (maybe Victoria Falls is not your only destination) then sure you could glance this over and move on to the adrenaline activities, otherwise take a look at what's on offer. Who knew you could include wildlife and a big game safari from Victoria Falls right?

Hwange National Park is about an hour's transfer away. This is Zimbabwe's most popular safari spot. The Chobe National Park and its large concentrations of elephant (the largest in the world) are a hop across the border and possible for a day outing. There's also the surrounding Zambezi National Park. Go on a game drive or on a walking safari. You don't even have to venture that far for a wildlife encounter.

Elephant Encounter - USD 100 p/p (on the Jafuta Conservancy)

Rhino Encounter Game Drive (Morning or Afternoon) - USD 115 p/p (on the Vic Falls Private Game Reserve)

In the Zambezi National Park (including the park fees):

Safari Nature Walk - USD 110 p/p

Game drive (Morning or Afternoon) - USD 80 p/p

In the Chobe National Park:

Half day trip with lunch - USD 145 p/p

Full day trip - USD 170 p/p

The above excludes the BWP 190 p/p for park fees. Payable direct.

Excursions to Hwange National Park - Price on request (POR)

Jump, swing or slide

For the adrenaline junkies - go bungee (111 metres), bridge swing or slide. If you're in it for the adrenaline rush there's loads to do. If you're not so much a high flyer, risk taker or 'live on the edge' kind, there are options for you too. Opt rather for the zip line or do a canopy tour.

Any activities on or from the bridge - you'll need your passport.

Bungee (Solo Jump) - USD 160 p/p

Bridge Slide - USD 45 p/p and Tandem Bridge Slide - USD 65

Bridge Swing - USD 160 p/p and Tandem Bridge Swing - USD 250

Big Air Experience (bungee, bridge swing and bridge slide combo) - USD 220 p/p

Take on the rapids

It's time to get wet. Very wet. Splash through the rapids of the mighty Zambezi River. The first adrenaline activity that started in Victoria Falls and a fan favourite to this day. Put on your life jacket and helmet. Grab a paddle. It's adventure time. Not for the faint hearted. It's a thrill, both the rafting and the climb into and out of the gorge.

If your main focus is rafting and it's a 'must do' for you, then you'll be aiming for low water levels (roughly from August through to December). This means you can start at rapid one and you'll end after rapid 19. In high water levels (May - July and Jan - March), then you'll skip the first ten rapids (too rough at these water levels to be safe) and start at 11 ending at 23. It's still exciting but not as much as the rafting in low season, so go then if you can.

In between the rapids you'll have time to catch your breath and readjust. Then hold on tight for the next joy ride as you approach the monster grade 5 rapids ahead.

After your excursion you'll enjoy lunch before heading back to your hotel and you'll be back in time to do another afternoon activity on this same day, if you're up to it.

Full day White Water Rafting - USD 120 p/p (can be done in HIGH and LOW water levels)

River Boarding and Rafting Combo - USD 190 p/p

The above excludes the USD 10 National Parks fee per person.

* Combine a bungee jump and white water rafting activity - known as the Gruesome Twosome - USD 260 p/p

Be a Jet Setter

Go fast. Really fast in a 465 horsepower jet boat. High speed.

Strap into safety gear. Launch. Up and down the river, you'll race through the rapids. Hold on for the sharp turns. Exhilarating.

It starts at the boiling point below the falls. You'll need to be fit enough to climb into and out of the gorge. It's quite a climb. Enjoy the 45 to 50 minutes of adventure on water. An alternative to rafting as you don't go as far down stream and you won't be taking on the big boys. Enjoy a cold drink after from the top of the gorge. Not operating between April and May in high water season and from October to November when water levels are too low, the rest of the time the trip goes every hour.

USD 100 p/p (excluding park fees)

Be a daredevil at Devil's Pool

Go on a Livingstone Island Tour on the Zambian side of the falls and go swim to the edge. Plunge into the rock pool right there on the very edge. In high water season, the entire island is closed which means this activity cannot be done. As the water level drops, the Island Tour can be conducted (usually from late June to early March) but the Devil's Swim to Angel Pool and Devil's Pool is only possible when water levels are low.

Angel Pool is usually possible from around mid July to late August and early January through to February. Devil's Pool only has a small window of accessibility as the water needs to be very low for safe swimming. Although this does change depending on the annual rainfall, this is usually from late August to early January.

You don't need to be a strong swimmer for this one, but you will need a strong stomach. The swim is of course optional. You'll be looking right into the 103 metre chasm of the falls from the edge. Both terrifying and terrific. Yikes.

There are different times for this activity. Go in the morning, the earlier the better and if it's sunny you may see a rainbow. Go on the tour mid day and include lunch making it a longer activity or in the afternoon and enjoy high tea.

Ask us about the price for this activity - Price on request (POR)

There are loads of activities and there's so many things to do. The above as we mentioned are just the most popular, but there are also others:

  • Museums and Markets
  • Local Village Tours
  • Bike Tour
  • Microlight Flight
  • Steam Train Trips
  • Canoeing Safaris
  • Siduli Hide
  • Fishing
  • Crocodile Farm
  • Horse Back Safaris
  • High Teas
  • Spas and Massage Therapy

There are also great package deals available for activities if you plan on doing more than one. Buy your activity ticket in advance. Combine certain activities and get discounted rates.

Please Note

The above prices indicated are based on the costs of the activities from the Zimbabwean side of the falls.

Depending on whether you will stay on the Zimbabwean or Zambian side of the falls will affect the costs as indicated and you may need to get an additional visa if you will be crossing over to the other side for an activity. If you aren't sure which side of the falls to stay on, read our article Zimbabwe or Zambia? and if you wondering when is best in terms of the water levels: Victoria Falls Water Levels - When is Best?

These activities are only available as add-ons to our itineraries. We are not a registered activity bureau and cannot make independent bookings.

Most Victoria Falls activities can be booked on arrival at your lodge or hotel but we recommend you talk to our Travel Experts about what is available and what you want to do. Some options are seasonal or water-level dependent and some are best booked in advance.

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