Omandumba Guest Farm

Omandumba Guest Farm

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Omandumba is a family-run farm in the midst of the massif. A huge wreck of a volcano it erupted about 130 million years ago. And it's a mighty beast, rising 1,000 metres from the ground.

Mineral fans will get their monies worth too as there's aquamarine and tourmaline lurking. Ever met a mineral fan? Maybe you'll get lucky round the campfire tonight...

The Rust family have run this place for years. You'll be holidaying as their farm life goes about its day. There are dogs, cats, cows, goats, ostriches and other pets. It's super dupes for families as children always seem to love a farm animal don't they?

Cosy and personal too. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are enjoyed at the family table. After dinner, join the Rusts around a campfire and listen to the stories of old Namibian farm life.

You can stay in the farmhouse, the bush camp or camp independently. There are 8 rooms at the farm house. These are basic, furnished, typical Namibian rooms. Think rustic. There's no air conditioning or modern appliances, just good old en suites.

You can stay for dinner, bed and breakfast or go full board. Meals are homemade, mostly venison from the farm and organic vegetables from the garden. All served on the terrace. As a solar powered place they are connected to the public telephone network but mobile reception is limited.

The Bush Camp is amidst the Erongo Mountains. These are canvas safari tents with bathrooms at the back. There’s a large double bed and a private terrace looking at those mountains. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served with the family in the lounge area. There’s also a bar with a large verandah. This overlooks a waterhole.

If you prefer to camp, there are 5 sites. All private with hot showers and open-air flush toilets. They’re easy to reach, you won’t need a 4x4. Just enjoy the Erongo.

Lodge Facilities

Note: No air conditioning. Limited mobile phone reception and wobbly internet at best.

Room Facilities


The Erongo Mountains are in an arid region of Namibia but there’s still a relatively high wildlife population.

There are many different species of game including rock hyrax, mountain zebra and different antelope like kudu, steenbuck, klipspringer, oryx and springbok and the rare black-faced impala. Lots of baboons, warthogs and birds too. Look out for black eagles and black breasted snake eagles, Mahali weavers, rosy-faced lovebirds and the Hartlaub francolin, which is endemic to the Erongo Mountains. If you’re incredibly lucky you might see a leopard.

You’re fond of hiking? It’ll be jolly fine then. The large, reddish, rounded boulders create a unique landscape. They’re often strewn over large expanses of fairly flat rock, so walking is good. These huge granite boulders were once lava. They glow red in the light of the setting sun.

There are lots of activities on offer. You can learn about the history of the area, drive to see rock paintings or the San and their Living Museum. The farm uses 2 cars with 6 seats each.

The rock art tour is particularly fascinating. Hundreds of thousands of years ago Bushmen lived and hunted here, and when they felt like it they painted and engraved the rocks. On Omandumba they have some very rare and valuable paintings like the Swarm of Bees, the Boat and the Basket Bearers.

There’s also the San Living Museum. This will offer an insight into the ancient hunter-gatherer culture and the traditional way of the San. You can go on a traditional hunt with the San too if you fancy it.

At the end of the day take a sundowner tour. Sit on a hill with a beer. Or a g&t. Can’t say fairer than that.


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