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Types of Safari Guides

February 8, 2024

There are different types of guides you may encounter on your safari: Professional Guides, Specialist Guides, Pilot Guides, Lodge Guides and Trackers and your Transfer Driver. Each one bringing something unique to your safari.

Professional Guides

Professional Guide

Your guide is your companion on your private guided safari. He's with you from start to end. He'll be driving you between the destinations you'll visit and takes each place from being another location on the map to a world of its own.

Knowledge of the destinations and the wildlife you'll encounter coupled with a charming sense of humour, story-telling ability and passion for the bush will ensure an extraordinary safari adventure.

All our professional private safari guides hold the highest Field Guide Association qualifications.

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Specialist Guides

Specialist Guide

A notch up, this guy knows his stuff in a specialist field. He's the pro. He knows a lot about a lot, but he knows even more about his passion.  

If it's photography, he knows the ins and outs of camera equipment, special techniques, best light and times for shots and how best to position you for that award winning pic. He'll give you excellent advice on the right locations and make sure you are where you need to be at the best time of day for capturing that incredible African sunrise or sunset, birds in flight or for that once in a lifetime wildlife action shot.

If it's astrology, your guide knows all the constellations and when they are at their brightest. Where to look in a dark night sky and the stories behind each star.

If it's birding, your guide can identify a vast number of species and since Namibia has over 620 species of birds across its wide range of habitats, his knowledge is well impressive. From flocks of Rosy-faced Lovebird, wading flamingos and soaring eagles to the dune lark - the only endemic species - our birding guides know the significant birding spots and the calls of hundreds of birds. Their enthusiasm is contagious.

Whether your interests lie in history, culture, geology or flora, your guide will take you on a trip of discovery. Ask him questions, as many as you like. Find that rare lichen, mark the Hartlaub's francolin off of your birding list, get that photo you've only ever seen published in travel magazines.  

Pilot Guides

Pilot Guide

Pilot guides share their knowledge and passion while flying you to each destination, pointing out sights and highlights from above. A whole new perspective.

Lodge Guides and Trackers:


If the lodge or camp you are staying at offers activities (which most do), then you can be sure they'll have their own resident safari guides on site. These guides are highly trained and have an in-depth, diverse knowledge of the local environment. They live there too, so they know the area better than anyone and explore it all daily.

Lodge guides will take you out on your half or full day activities and share their knowledge on the surrounding plants, birds, tracking techniques, and even the stars post-dinner. Heading out on a game drive, the viewing experience is enhanced by the presence of a tracker perched on a seat, outside the vehicle, at the front of the bonnet. A precarious place to be in the wild, but these guys know the bush better than anyone.  They know every rock, tree and anthill and ensure you will find even the most elusive of wildlife. It's about reading the love letters nature leaves in the smallest of footprints.

Transfer Drivers

The friendly face that welcomes you with a signboard on arrival, your transfers driver will certainly be a great start to your African adventure. Equipped with a good knowledge of local roads your transfer driver will drive you safely to your destination be it to or from the airport; your lodge or hotel; or an exciting activity. Load your bags and climb on board. This is where the journey begins or ends. Either way you'll be greeted with hearty Namibian hospitality.

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