Kaokoland Wild Camping

Guided bush walk tracking desert elephant and rhino in their natural habitat.

Kaokoland Wild Camping

Guided bush walk tracking desert elephant and rhino in their natural habitat.

This Kaokoland mobile camping safari takes you to explore the most remote and untouched areas of Namibia. It’s flexible, and along with your private guide, you’ll adventure areas that possibly no one has ever been. It’s all wild, all raw and all real.

Enjoy roaming the beautiful, desolate landscapes by day. Sleep out under a canopy of stars and wake to the sounds of bird calls. There’s little out here but you, your guide and the wonder of it all.

Note: This is also possible as a tag-along safari. Follow the guide in your own vehicle. Assisted, semi-assisted or do it all yourself. Contact us for more details.

tour details

ZAR 16,000
Private Guided

trip summary

Day 1: Palmwag Concession
Day 2: Hoanib River
Day 3: Purros
Day 4: Departure / End of tour

* the meals and activities included depends on the lodges you choose, contact us for more details

tour highlights

  • Explore the unchartered areas of remote Damaraland and Kaokoland
  • A private guided tour of some of Namibia’s most untouched areas
  • Three meals per day and drinks included
  • Sleep out in the wilderness beneath wide open skies
  • Immerse yourself in nature. This is as raw as it gets.
  • Possible for groups of 2 to 10 people

Day-to-day Itinerary

Day 1: Palmwag Concession
( 1 night )

Arrive at Khowarib Lodge where you’ll leave your vehicle and meet your guide.

Your adventure begins as you make your way into the Palmwag Concession on to your first wild camping spot for the night. The drive and the area will already have you excited for what’s in store.

The Palmwag Concession is a protected area for rare game species covering 550,000 hectares. It is incredibly scenic offering endless basalt landscapes as far as they eye can see. It's rugged and vast. Although you may not spot much wildlife (although that's not saying you won't), when you do, it is truly rewarding as the harsh surroundings leave you in awe that anything can survive here let alone thrive in these parts.

It is estimated that more than 70% of the free-roaming rhinos in Namibia are still found here, along with desert-adapted elephants, mountain zebras and a healthy population of giraffes. You'll also find numerous antelopes in these parts and with that predators such as leopards, cheetahs and spotted hyenas. If you're lucky you might also come across the desert lions who have adapted to the arid conditions of the Palmwag Concession.

Spend the day exploring the concession and dry Uniab riverbed. It's scenic and peaceful.

Arrive at your first camp late afternoon. Enjoy a sundowner and dinner around the fire. Star gaze as you fall asleep to the sounds of the wild that surrounds you.

Note: This night will be wild camping, which means that you are not staying at a designated campsite. Depending where you are coming from on this day, it may be necessary to include a pre-night at Khowarib Lodge or similar within the area.

Day 2: Hoanib River
( 1 night )

Today you will head off with your guide deeper into the Palmwag Concession to explore more of the raw beauty of the incredible landscapes. You are essentially moving north between the Uniab and Hoanib Rivers today and through the Kharokhaobvlakte. You will head north via Kai-Ais, Hunkab and Mudorib exploring the dry riverbeds and surrounding areas.

It's a full days scenic drive and you'll get to explore some canyons and passes while always on the lookout for the desert-adapted wildlife. Stop at some springs along the way in the hope of encountering some wildlife who come to drink in the heat of the day. There's a good chance of a sighting as there is very little water in these parts.

Stop for a picnic lunch, and stretch your legs.

You'll exit the Palmwag Concession into the ephemeral Hoanib riverbed and make your way to a suitable spot to camp for the night.  You'll arrive in the late afternoon around 15:00/16:00 when it is a little cooler to settle in. Enjoy the remainder of the afternoon relaxing and possibly heading off on a nature walk in the surrounds with your guide.

As evening sets in, enjoy a sundowner and dinner by the fire.

Note: This night will be wild camping again, which means that you are not staying at a designated campsite. There are no permanent facilities here as you are out in the wilderness, preferably beneath a shady tree. No camping is permitted in the main riverbed of the Hoanib River. You will be camping in a side channel to the river or alternatively at Elephant Song.

Day 3: Purros
( 1 night )

Today adventure continues as you head further north and make your way from the landscapes of Damaraland into the landscapes of Kaokoland. Your drive today is done off the beaten track in the area between then Hoanib River and the Hoarusib River, parallel to the Skeleton Coast National Park. You travel today via Okongwe to Puros.

This area comprises mostly ephemeral rivers which are normally dry, waiting for rains in their vast catchment areas to bring the rivers down in flood. The oases in and between the linear rivers provide food and refuge for desert-dwelling elephants, lions and other desert adapted species.

The north west is where you will find the world's only free-roaming population of black rhinos. Solitary and endangered, they are monitored and protected by Save the Rhino Trust Namibia, Rhino Rangers, conservancy game guards and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, all who work together within the surrounding conservancies.

You'll encounter community forests with large acacias, bulbous moringas and different types of commiphora trees (from which the Himba sustainably harvest the resin to use it on their skins). These are found in the Puros, Orupembe and Marienfluss conservancies.

The landscapes are spectacular. These areas are rarely seen by man, except the few willing to head off into the untouched nature (that includes you). It's special since you get to explore it all with little in between by way of lodge or camp and certainly no civilisation.

Stop along the way for some lunch and a cup of coffee. Your guide will ensure the area is safe.

On arrival at the campsite, set up camp and enjoy a hot shower before spending the remainder of the afternoon relaxing. Enjoy another night under the dark night skies.

Note: Tonight you will camp at the Puros Community Campsite. Here there are six campsites - each with their own flushing toilet and shower with hot water (solar heated). There is a wash up area/ basin and there are braai (barbecue) facilities available.

Another alternative campsite for the night is the Omenye Campsite of Wild Skeleton Coast Tours. Here there are five campsites beneath the giant camelthorn trees. They provide flushing toilets, showers with hot water and basins with running water. They also sell firewood and fuel.

Day 4: Departure / End of tour
( 1 night )

Awake for breakfast. It’s an early start as you have quite a way to head back to where you started.  

Explore more incredible landscapes and the rugged terrain of this remote area as you make your way back south. The views never get old as it continually changes from open plains and river valleys to distant mountains.

NB: Given the distance you will cover today, we recommend that we include a post-night at Khowarib Lodge or similar within the area.


  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner plus drinks
  • 3 nights wild camping including campsite fees (where applicable)
  • Private guide
  • Guide vehicle and all vehicle costs
  • All camping equipment necessary


  • Additional extras
  • Staff gratuities
  • All personal requirements
  • Alcoholic drinks


ZAR 16,000

ZAR 16,000 per person (minimum of 2 pax)

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