Photographers with their cameras and tripods on a photography safari taking pictures in Dead Vlei.

Namibia Photography Safaris

Namibia is a hugely diverse country to photograph. It’s in the colours, the scales and stark contrasts. An opportunity to tell a story. An easy sell with an alluring subject at every turn.

Africa is captivating. Namibia even more so. It will capture your heart. It is all about the subject matter. Framed. Snapped and captured forever. Namibia, with such incredible landscapes and top-notch wildlife sightings will make a professional of even an amateur photographer. It doesn’t take much to get a good picture. Namibia is spectacular so it goes without saying that your photographs will be too.

Add depth and dimension. Play around with time lapse and capture clouds rolling over sand dunes. Pose ready at sunrise as the sun comes up over the horizon, the perfect spot for that silhouette of mountains against that endless desert landscape. Night photography under a billion-starred sky or that action shot of a leopard about to pounce.

Everywhere you look, a photo opportunity. Best light, unhindered views, a pop-up roof and quiet for just a second with camera in hand, is all you need. A Namibia photographic safari takes you inside the parks, to a secluded hide and the best vantage points at exactly the right time of day. If you need a special photography permit, we’ll arrange it.

We’ve considered your itinerary: the best destinations, optimal angles for the perfect shot and ample time to get a photo that actually does the scenery justice. Now that’s got to be one great photograph and we’ll make sure you get it.

Whether you go it alone and at your own pace on a self-drive, have a photography guide along with you to lend a hand and share knowledge or you decide take a private charter aircraft (note we’ll even arrange an extra luggage plane if necessary for all your camera equipment), you’re about to explore the wonder of it all through a lens.

Pause. Breathe. Press. Another postcard shot. You’ll have so many amazing snaps you’ll be reliving your experience for weeks in editing them all and when you’re done you’ll be ready to do it all over again.

A holiday is about making memories. The best news: you can take them with you. A picture speaks a thousand words. A great photo: is speechless.

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Namibia Photography SafarisNamibia Photography SafarisNamibia Photography SafarisNamibia Photography SafarisNamibia Photography Safaris

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