Visiting Namibia With Your Children: 8 Reasons Why It’s a Brilliant Idea

February 8, 2024

Dramatic scenery and abundant wildlife, coupled with great infrastructure and fun activities make Namibia one of the finest family holiday destinations in Africa. Need further arguments? Keep reading!

1. Namibia is very safe

When travelling with children, safety is of course one of the most important factors when it comes to the destination – and Namibia is a great choice in this regard. While common sense prevails – avoid travelling at night, don’t leave valuables in the car, etc. – you’ll generally feel very safe, which means that you can simply relax and enjoy your holiday.

And in more good news: compared to many other African countries, you generally won’t need malaria pills or yellow fever vaccinations when travelling to Namibia – which is a big deal, especially when it comes to little ones. The only times you might need to worry is in Etosha National Park during the rainy season November to March (if you travel during the European or American summer months – which are the cooler, dry months in Namibia – you’ll be fine), or if you’re planning on heading north. Chat to us if unsure.

2. It will ignite your children’s sense of adventure

A holiday in Namibia will broaden your kids’ horizons – quite literally. The endless dunes of the Namib Desert will make them feel as if they’ve entered a Star Wars film set – especially if you take them quad biking or horse riding. Sweeping landscapes, shimmering saline deserts, tree-lined savannas, vast khaki plains, and majestic mountains are just waiting to be explored, while the shipwrecks along the Skeleton Coast will bring out their inner pirates – and tweens and teens will love a canoeing adventure along the Orange River. Nature takes on a whole new meaning in Namibia – watch your offspring forget all about screen time and turn into conservationists-in-the-making instead.

3. The wildlife is spectacular

To introduce your kids to four of Africa’s famous Big Five (lion, leopard, rhino, elephant), head to Namibia’s greatest wildlife sanctuary, Etosha National Park. Thanks to its varied landscape, little safari-goers will also be able to spot giraffes, zebras, and an array of indigenous species. The wildlife-viewing isn’t limited to Etosha, the Namib Desert is home to desert-adapted elephant and rhino, Cape Cross near Swakopmund is where you’ll find a huge Cape fur seal colony, and Walvis Bay is perfect for whale and dolphin sea safaris. It’s safe to say that wherever you go will have your little explorers in shrieks of excitement.

4. Lodges are very family-friendly

Talking of wildlife, Namibia’s lodges have a reputation for being wonderfully child-friendly and going out of their way to make young guests feel like ‘VIKs’ (Very Important Kids). Your ‘wild’ child will be welcomed with thoughtfully curated backpacks, gifts, and special kids’ amenities, and can take advantage of junior tracker programmes and other activities that will bring out the Bear Grylls in them. Children’s expeditions may involve tracking, fishing, traditional arts and crafts, environmental projects, stargazing, and an introduction to local cultures – in certain areas, they might even be able to meet local bushmen. Programmes and child-friendly amenities depend on each individual lodge – we can make suggestions which one is best suited for your requirements and budget.

Pssst…Another advantage? While your offspring is out having a ball, you can enjoy some well-deserved downtime.

5. Namibia is perfect for summer school holidays

Finding the right destination for the long summer holidays in Europe and the USA is no mean feat – but Namibia ticks all the boxes. Why? First of all, it’s winter, which means dry with pleasant daytime temperatures. Secondly, this is when wildlife sightings are at their best, as the vegetation is less thick and animals tend to gather around watering holes. Another major coup for those coming from Europe – no jet lag, thanks to no or hardly any time difference (which anyone who’s ever had to deal with the aftermath of entering a different time zone with mini travellers in tow will appreciate!)

6. It’s very accessible

Namibia has a great infrastructure, with mostly well-maintained, signposted networks of gravel roads – making a family road trip a highly viable (and affordable) option. Just remember that distances are huge, so to avoid car fatigue and constant ‘are we there yet?’ nagging, make sure to have plenty of drive-less days in between, or consider travelling by plane for longer distances.

You’ll also find that Namibia is a relatively inexpensive African destination. It depends on the type of accommodation you choose and whether you want to fly or drive, but seeing that the Namibian Dollar is fixed to the South African Rand (which is notoriously weak), day-to-day outgoings won’t have you re-mortgage your family home any time soon.

7. There are no crowds

With the second-lowest population density in the world, you’ll find that you get to experience much of Namibia alone. The opposite of overcrowded tourist hotspots, it’s quite possible that you’ll drive for hours without passing another soul – which might be a new experience for many children from urban backgrounds. It’s a chance to fully remove yourself and your family from everyday life, and to live in the here and now, surrounded by Namibia’s magnificent landscapes and wildlife. Which leads us to the last point…

8. Namibia is family ‘therapy’

A family trip to Namibia offers the luxury of a leisurely pace, giving you a chance to reconnect with each other, and to nurture awareness and understanding between the children and land, animals, and people of this beautiful country. It’s a special place that your children are sure to remember long into adulthood!

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