Jessica Leuschner

Jessica Leuschner

Born in Windhoek, Jessica lived there for 8 years and then spent the remainder of her childhood and school years moving around with her parents, both architects. They eventually settled in Tsumeb, where her family still resides to date, but the allure of the coast saw her move from the bush to Swakopmund in 2015 and she’s been here ever since.

Post school education took Jessica to Aupair in Austria before working in London as a waitress and then as a diving instructor in the Canary Islands. She then moved on to South Africa to complete her studies in Journalism in Stellenbosch, Cape Town. All amazing places, but not even the picturesque landscapes, sophisticated city lifestyle, white beaches with crystal waters or the vineyards could sway her from her favourite place she’s proud to call home.

Jessica knows what we know; there’s just no place like Namibia.

Having met her journalist other half at a conference, they’re now married. From Miss. Botes to Mrs. Leuschner. She and her husband not only share their passion for writing, but they also share their lives together with their gorgeous daughter Mila. Thanks to Mila and Jessica’s self-admitted love for the world of travel, the change of career was inevitable. Voila! She’s now a great addition to our dynamic team!

Any place with incredible landscapes makes it on to her favourites list. A chance to lose yourself in the horizon and endless views, that with loved ones and a sundowner and you find Jessica in her element. Add the night in a tent under the stars with stories around the camp fire and we’ve just described her ideal getaway. No surprise then that she's hiked the Fish River more than once and she'd eagerly head back again to slack pack her way through the canyon once more.

Outside of work you’ll find Jessica behind an easel or a camera lens, otherwise she’s spending time with her friends and family or taking in some fresh air on a run.

It’s always been about the story for Jessica, just now, it’s all about your travel journey and filling the pages on your next holiday adventure. The only report she’s interested in these days is the positive feedback she knows she’ll be receiving from you post tour!

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