Charles Rhyn

Charles Rhyn

His career in guiding began after completing school in Khorixas, a small town in the rugged region of Damaraland. Charles began by working for one of the largest safari operators in Africa and through them, completed his field guides training program with EcoTraining in South Africa. He was based at the exclusive Damaraland Camp for 3 years and has since found himself on the open road as a freelance tour guide, having worked with Namibia Tours & Safaris since 2007.

Growing up in Damaraland and with this as the start to his career, Charles's love for the area runs deep and makes this dry and harsh landscape amongst his favourite on route. To him it is clear as to why even the desert adapted elephants stick around, but of course that’s his great sense of humour. Amongst others, he loves the Namib Desert and the sand dunes of Sossusvlei and in Zimbabwe the view of Victoria Falls.

An excellent guide on all things Namibia, whether geography, wildlife, flora and fauna or culture, Charles’s speciality is birding. He has a keen eye for even the smallest of bird species and those most elusive, with a bank of knowledge on the many bird species in the country, ready at hand.  

Although almost two decades in the industry, Charles still wakes up in the morning with the same burning passion and curiosity for the nature of Namibia. Each day different, as are the guests he meets, and this is what excites him most about what he does.  

Currently he resides in Arandis, a small mining town northeast of Swakopmund, with his wife and 5 children. A happily married, family man, he’s quite content to be at home when he’s not touring the country, although being in the bush is just as much home to Charles.  

“You can never really know the true value of your own home until you have travelled to someone else’s…This being his favourite quote, Charles looks forward to welcoming you to Namibia with open arms, Namibian charm and his eloquent smile.  

Once a plumber, we sure are glad that he left the pipes, tanks and fittings to focus on safari, landscapes and culture of our incredible country, becoming one of the very best guides in Namibia.

Here's what some fans of Charles have to say about him:

"Our tour guide was fantastic! Charles was super friendly and informative and made sure everything went smoothly for the duration of our trip." - SH, United States

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