Andre Visser

Andre Visser

Although he was born in the Western Cape in South Africa, he grew up at the coast in Namibia. At least that’s where his family lived and where you’d find him if he wasn’t at boarding school in Outjo. Surely different in climate and typography, Andre loved being in the north working on farms and being outdoors, but when back home, even from a young age, you’d find him guiding Topenaar tours, quad bike excursions and dolphin cruises.

After a year back in the Cape, post school, Andre ventured off into the world of scuba diving. He assisted with filming great white shark documentaries as a safety diver and later as an instructor he travelled to Mozambique and the Caribbean. Doing this for 3 years, he was about to head off to further international waters when the lure of the bush had him return home to join his dad, a guide for over 20 years, in running the family company.

Now, years later, Andre is a freelance guide as his full time profession and despite all the incredible tropical destinations he’s been able to travel to, he still says that nothing compares to the raw beauty of the Namibian landscapes and wildlife.

His favourite destinations in Namibia are the most harsh and desolate: Damaraland and the Kaokoveld are so different and if there’s a chance for off-road driving, even better. For Andre it’s all about the journey and he loves travelling to places that offer the ultimate adventure. An advocate for taking the road less travelled.

While Andre prefers sleeping out under the stars rather than staying in fancy lodges, he really doesn’t mind either way as long as he can be out in the wilderness and as close to nature as possible. The less ‘fuss’ the more you can focus on what’s really out there."

Being young and adventurous, Andre likes adrenaline activities which suits his outgoing personality. He simply can’t sit still for too long. He’s always active and likes to keep busy whether he finds himself fishing, trail running, skydiving or base jumping.

He’s an easy-going people person with a likable nature. He’ll gladly go the extra mile and this along with his incredible knowledge, love for what he does and passion to share his experiences, is what makes Andre a top-notch guide.

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"To sum it up: extraordinary!"

Thanks to you for putting together the logistics for this trip and making it very memorable.

Nov 2023

"Better than we could have imagined."

Thank you so much for organising such a fabulous trip.

Nov 2023

"We had the most amazing time"

I truly cannot thank you and your team enough for making our dream a reality

Oct 2023

"We have had a wonderful trip to Namibia"

Thank you so much for your care of us for the whole year of planning and the days we were with you.

Aug 2023
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