21 Today: A Double Coming-of-Age Celebration for Namibia and for Namibia Tours & Safaris

As Namibia celebrates 21 years of peaceful independence so do we celebrate 21 years of providing tailor-made tours and safaris to our beautiful country.

Namibia Then (pre-Independence)

Hunter gatherers were the only people living in what is today until about 2000 years ago. The San (bushmen) lived peacefully until the Khoisan people from the south moved to the Orange River and beyond.

About 1200 years ago, the Damara people settled in the western and areas … it is not know where they came from and probably also from the south as they also speak a “click” type language.

In the 1600’s, the Bantu people from the north, mainly Herero, settled in the north western areas of what is today, Namibia. This was roughly the same time the Europeans settled in the Cape and started moving inland.

Even though the British government claimed Walvis bay, one of the few deep harbours along the coast, the rest of this arid and inhospitable country was “given” to Germany at the Berlin Conference in 1883 … the “scramble for Africa” was well on the way.

This country was aptly named German West Africa until Germany surrendered to the British government during the First World War. The British arranged with the South Africa government to set up an administration to manage the new South West Africa.

South Africa later saw South West Africa as an extra province and introduced apartheid laws as they had in South Africa.

In 1966, the South West Africa People’s Organisation (SWAPO) was formed and a guerilla type war started between SWAPO and South Africa.

In 1989, the UN, South Africa and leaders of SWAPO came to agreements whereby the war would end, South Africa would withdraw their forces (about 30 000) and a transition government was formed until Namibia’s independence on the 21st of March 1990.

Namibia Now (post-Independence)

Sam Nujoma became the first President of Namibia and served three 5-year terms. The constitution states that no-one may serve more than two terms but as the first term served by Sam Nuyoma, was not relevant as the final constitution was finalised during the first 5 years of independence.

Hifikepunye Pohamba was elected as the 2nd President in 2005.

Namibia has enjoyed 21 years of growth and peace. Tourism industry, even though not the biggest, has grown the fastest and has generated employed to many people.

Mining (uranium, diamonds, granite etc) is the biggest industry with fishing a close second.

Namibia Tours & Safaris: 21 Years of Magical Memories

For 21 years we have been creating magical memories for countless visitors - welcoming people to our beautiful country, introducing them to our wonderful people, offering incredible experiences and showing them amazing scenery.

Namibia Tours and Safaris (NTS) was started by Danie Steyn during 1990, the same year as Namibia’s independence. Originally called Africa Adventure Safaris, the word Africa was exchanged to Namibia to be more specific to placement in Africa, and the “adventure” taken out.

20 years ago travelling in a 4X4 vehicle in some remote areas was an adventure safari however, that has changed with “adventure” being synonymous with adventure activities like bungee jumping, sky-diving, dune boarding, white water canoeing and the like.

When NTS started operating, the tours were mainly guided camping safaris and we were one of the first to go deep into Damaraland, Kaokoland and Bushmanland. However, since then, and the advent of the internet, the focus has changed from budget tours and safaris, to mid and up-market clientele, guided and/or self-drive, fly-in and other combinations.

NTS now offers tailor-made tours and safaris to suit any request ranging from choice of lodges, special interest like photography or bird watching, private small groups and we are 100% flexible.

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