Hwange National Park

Hwange National Park is an enormous tract of land occupying most of the teapot spout of western Zimbabwe. One of Africa's greatest game reserves, the wildlife, birdlife and scenery are the stuff of legend.

About an hour's drive from Victoria Falls , Hwange National Park is Zimbabwe's most famous game reserve and with good reason.

Hwange National Park forms a large portion of the Botswana border in north-west Zimbabwe. The Kalahari biome reaches from central Botswana into the south and west regions of the park characterised by level plains and sparse scrubland; as you travel north and east into Hwange, the land breaks up into small hills and valleys turning the bush to denser grasslands, and mopane and teak woodland habitats.

At 14,600sq km, Hwange is a large, pristine and scenic game reserve - mid-way in size between Chobe National Park and Kruger National Park and vying with the greats for "Best Game Reserve in Africa" status.

With its great size and varying topography, Hwange has a diversity of habitats and is known for its high wildlife and bird populations. With 420 bird species and 105 mammals recorded (including 19 large herbivores and 8 large carnivores) this is one of the most diverse game reserves in Africa.

Wildlife highlights in Hwange National Park include: elephant, wild dog, lion, leopard, cheetah, rhino, buffalo, spotted hyena, brown hyena, jackal, zebra, giraffe, waterbuck, gemsbok, eland, roan, sable, kudu and many smaller antelope and nocturnal mammals.

Hwange National Park has many waterholes to ensure varied and reliable game viewing. Hwange is famous for its predators and its great herds of elephant and buffalo. The largest population of the extremely rare African dog thrives in Hwange and the birdlife is prolific with over 420 on record including 19 specials.

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