Kanyemba Lodge

A victim of its own prime location at the confluence of the Kafue and Zambezi Rivers, Kanyemba Island was rescued from the brink of extinction by Italian and Zambian lessees who have built an exclusive lodge on the river's edge facing the island.

Our rating: 4/5 Stars
Location: Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia

Accommodation Description

Kanyemba Lodge has just six chalets beneath the deep shade of a mahogany forest. The chalets are furnished with the same solid wood that provides the shade and seclusion. A shaded private veranda looks out over a dambo - a wetland-like watering hole - frequented by large herds of elephant. The bathrooms are a delightful open-air affair with piping hot showers and views of the river and surrounding riverside forest.

Dining at Kanyemba Lodge - under mahogany trees on a raised deck - blends Italian flair with fresh locally-grown African ingredients and the result is something rather refreshing and wholesome.

The lodge has a small pool near the river beneath the trees and hemmed in by pool lounges and the glorious Zambezi views.


Six stone, wood and thatch chalets; en suite bathrooms; mains electricity; walk-in wardrobe; private verandas; restaurant, bar and library; pool


River safaris, birdwatching, game walks on Kanyemba Island, canoeing, fishing and sunset cruises; game drives on request

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