Auas Safari Lodge

Auas Safari Lodge is just outside Windhoek and close to the international airport offering a Namibian bush experience from the moment you arrive… or up to the last moment before you leave.

Our rating: 3/5 Stars
Location: Windhoek, Namibia

Accommodation Description

Windhoek International Airport, about 40km from Windhoek, is the start and end point for almost every Namibia holiday. Being about 45 minutes drive from the airport, Auas Safari Lodge (formerly Auas Game Lodge) is a good accommodation choice if you would prefer to stay in a safari lodge, complete with 12,000ha of private reserve, abundant wildlife and birdlife, comfortable lodgings and total serenity. Or you may be curious to see what the capital city of one of the world's most sparsely populated countries has to offer.

Accommodation is in 16 en suite double rooms with private entrances and a small terrace. The decor favours the functional practicalities of farm life with comfortable and neat taking precedence over grand and luxurious. A large swimming pool looks out over the wonderful countryside and Auas Safari Lodge offers a laundry service.

Being a game farm, you can expect hearty portions of venison-centred dishes, home-grown vegetables and a handy array of cold drinks and wines to wash it all down.


Walking trails, marked out and with accompanying maps, range from 30-min pre-dinner strolls to 3 or 4 hour hikes; guided game drives take in the rolling hills in search of the many antelope including eland, zebra, oryx, giraffe, impala, ostrich, jackal, waterbuck, as well as plenty of birds, reptiles, insects and smaller mammals. The game reserve even has resident cheetah and leopard - you could be lucky.


While it's no Etosha or Chobe, Auas Game Lodge is by no means a canned safari or a petting zoo either. The game lodge is on a working wildlife farm: animals roam free and are as wild as the day they were born - no feeding time or tame tigers swimming in the pool here thank you very much. And this authentic wilderness experience is what makes Auas Game Lodge special - that and the friendly service and its convenient proximity to the Windhoek International Airport.

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