Cape Cross Lodge

Cape Cross Lodge is a small and luxurious hotel in an astonishing location. The hotel is situated on the seafront of the Skeleton Coast, just out of nose-shot of the largest seal colony in the world.

Our rating: 3/5 Stars
Location: Skeleton Coast, Wild Namibia

Accommodation Description

A lowly cross, planted by Portuguese explorer Diogo Cáo, stood on the ill-tempered Skeleton Coast for 400 years before succumbing to the patience of nature. Now a replica stands in its place. This one is protected by a small hotel that would have had many a stranded sailor whooping for joy.

Cape Cross Lodge is beyond the whiff of the world's largest colony of breeding seals and the only sign of civilisation for many miles in every direction. The Namib Desert stretches vast and fearsome into the east and the bounteous Atlantic Ocean stretches vast and chilly to the west. The Skeleton Coast stretches for hundreds of deserted miles north and south.

The lodge has 20 large, comfortable and elegant rooms with en suite bathrooms and balconies that gaze upon the endless ocean view. Colours are demure and hazy, like the ever-present mists created by the clash between cool sea breeze and baking desert air.

The living area has patios, sun decks, a lounge and cocktail bar, a wine cellar and two cosy dining areas.


20 en suite double rooms; private balconies; unrestricted sea views; restaurant; wine cellar; curio shop; cocktail bar; lounge


Walking distance from seal colony; guided tours to the seal colony; five-hour seal colony and Messum Crater excursion; coastal angling; desert exploration

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