Luderitz Accommodation

Historical outpost with hearty accommodation, sea views and all the seafood you can eat.

4/5 Stars

Luderitz Nest Hotel

Luderitz Nest Hotel is a smart, swanky hotel on its own private beachfront. The rooms all face the sea as do almost all of the other features including the seafood restaurant, oyster bar, swimming pool, sun deck and sauna.

3/5 Stars

Klein-Aus Vista

Klein-Aus Vista offers a range of accommodation options and is situated on the southern edge of the Namib-Naukluftn Park. The lodge is near Aus and about 120km from Luderitz making it an excellent base for exploring the southern reaches of the Namib.

2/5 Stars

Bay View Hotel

Bay View Hotel is a comfortable and welcoming hotel in the centre of Luderitz. Family-owned and run, the emphasis is on personal and friendly service. Comfortable rooms lead onto a courtyard and swimming pool and the seafood restaurant is excellent.

2/5 Stars

Zum Sperregebiet Sea View

The award-winning Sea-View Hotel Zum Sperrgebiet may be a mouthful to pronounce, but it's easy on the weary traveller and provides a welcome shelter from the Luderitz southwester. This hotel is compact and comfortable.

3/5 Stars

Bahnhof Hotel Aus

What sets Bahnhof Hotel apart is the fact that it is conveniently located as the perfect stopover point, for your travels through the Fish River, Sossusvlei and Kolmanskop regions.

3/5 Stars

Alte Lodge

Steeped, no, imbibed in history, Alte Loge is a real home of a guest house bang in the heart of colonial relic, Lüderitz.

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