Kalahari Farmhouse

Arriving at Kalahari Farmhouse it feels like you've traveled back to a time where burly farmers worked the land while their beaming wives welcomed you with a jug of lemonade and a platter of homemade cheeses and cured meats.

Our rating: 3/5 Stars
Location: Kalahari, Wild Namibia

Accommodation Description

Kalahari Farmhouse is almost tropical by comparison to the parched surroundings, a cool soft mint from the dry heat of day. Well situated for a first night after touching down in Africa, the lodge is about an hour’s extra drive from the closest town of Mariental three hours south of Windhoek and this extra stretch is more than made up for in service, friendliness, good food and excellent value. Towering palms and acacias provide a dappled welcome after your long haul. Lush lawns and trickling water features attract colonies of sociable weavers to provide a little sing-song to celebrate your arrival.

The main farmhouse has a lounge, indoor and outdoor dining areas, and a bar. An outside barbecue area overlooking an inviting pool is enough to tempt you to abandon city life and settle into the slow lane of farm-living forever. But do not be fooled, this is a working farm that produces meat, veggies, wine and cheese using milk from their own cows. And what’s more: you get your very own farmhouse all to yourself.

The chalets are mini-farmhouses dotted along a palm-lined lane between manicured gardens and the Kalahari beyond. Built of stone these farmhouses are made to suit the weather - cool during the day and cozy at night. Though not the last word in luxury, the rooms are clean and comfortable with simple furnishings and a stone half-wall separates the room from your en suite bathroom. Electricity, hot water and mosquito nets are standard and you couldn’t call it a farmhouse unless you had your very own stoep and fireplace.

Kalahari Farmhouse is a place to relax, unwind and enjoy the quiet nothingness of it all especially after a night spent on a stuff aeroplane. But it’s not all lethargy and long siestas, activities on offer include sunrise and sunset game drives, sundowners, moonlit walks and hiking trails either at the farm or through the Gondwana partner at neighbouring Anib Lodge.


Bed and breakfast accommodation in 11 farmhouse chalets with en suite bathrooms, verandah and fireplace; restaurant indoor and outdoor dining area; lounge; swimming pool; barbecue area; camping site; fresh farm produce.


Morning and evening game drives; night walks; hiking trails; sunset drinks in some naturally scenic spot.

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