Kalahari Accommodation

The Namibian side of the Kalahari Basin. More open spaces, spectacular scenery and very few people.

4/5 Stars

Bagatelle Kalahari Game Ranch

The Bagatelle Kalahari Game Ranch may be diminutive in the staggeringly large Kalahari but there is nothing small about the wilderness experience you will get. Or the warm welcome, comfortable suites and hearty meals for that matter.

3/5 Stars

Kalahari Anib Lodge

The Kalahari Anib Lodge is a large and welcoming refuge in a private nature reserve deep in the spectacular Kalahari region of south-east Namibia.

2/5 Stars

Auob Country Lodge

Like any self-respecting lodge in the middle of the nowhere, Auob Country Lodge has a large pool, a well-stocked bar and a comfortable lounge. Surrounded by the red dunes and thornveld of the Kalahari, the oasis-feel is unmissable.

3/5 Stars

Camelthorn Kalahari Lodge

Camelthorn Kalahari Lodge is a comfortable lodge in the Intu Afrika reserve.

3/5 Stars

Suricate Kalahari Tented Lodge

Hover above the red sand dunes of the Kalahari at the Suricate Tented Lodge in Namibia.

3/5 Stars

Zebra Kalahari Lodge

Experience the aching beauty and serenity of the Kalahari at the Zebra Kalahari Lodge

3/5 Stars

Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge

Though it's no architectural masterpiece with canvas boxes tacked onto thatched adobe huts, it works. Beautifully. Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge is probably the most tasteful and authentic Kalahari Lodge we've come across.

3/5 Stars

Africa Safari Lodge

Africa Safari Lodge is an audacious attempt at contemporary style in the middle of the Kalahari and a great southbound stopover en route to Sossusvlei or the Fish River Canyon.

3/5 Stars

Lapa Lange

Lapa Lange is a burly brick and thatch resort-style safari lodge surrounded by lush green lawns and a busy waterhole in the parched Kalahari of southern Namibia.

2/5 Stars

Central Lodge

Central Lodge occupies the role of convenient stopover hotel in Keetmanshoop - a crossroads town and welcome oasis after a hefty day's driving no matter which direction you're travelling.

3/5 Stars

Kalahari Bush Breaks

Kalahari Bush Breaks is a down-to-earth and comfortable stopover lodge between Windhoek and Botswana - a rare gem in other words.

3/5 Stars

Kalahari Farmhouse

Arriving at Kalahari Farmhouse it feels like you've traveled back to a time where burly farmers worked the land while their beaming wives welcomed you with a jug of lemonade and a platter of homemade cheeses and cured meats.

2/5 Stars

Pension Gessert

Pension Gessert is a neat, well-run B&B in Keetmanshoop - a crossroads town linking South Africa with southern Namibia in a vast and empty realm that marks the transition from Kalahari grassland to the rocky succulence of the Nama-Karoo.

3/5 Stars

Bagatelle Campsite

Bagatelle has 5 individual campsites set between red sand dunes

1/5 Stars

Brukkaros Crater Campsite

Brukkaros Crater is a place so lonely and desolate, even the campsite is extinct. But then again, this is Namibia. Who needs a campsite?

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