Nhoma Camp

Nhoma Camp was built with the guidance and assistance of Tsumkwe Lodge owner Arno Oosthuysen. The camp is about 80km from Tsumkwe, deep in the Kalahari bushveld and you'll need a sturdy vehicle to get there.

Our rating: 3/5 Stars
Location: Bushmanland, Wild Namibia

Accommodation Description

Accommodation comprises four walk-in safari tents with rustic open-air en suite bathrooms and meals are taken communally around a crackling campfire.

The community of San people, commonly referred to as Bushmen, who live in the neighbouring village have retained much of their hunting and gathering heritage and here lies the point of making this arduous journey: you can learn the ways of this fascinating people.

During the day, the men will demonstrate how they hunt; learn how they make rope, fire, traps and their cunning hunting techniques. The Ju/'hoansi still hunt for meat and your demonstration may well turn into a full and successful hunt - not for the squeamish. The village celebrates their victorious return with dances and games and in the evening the entire company gathers for the Giraffe or Elephant Healing Dances.

While you can get there on your own, we recommend you partake in the fully inclusive safari offered by Tsumkwe Lodge. This guided safari takes you to the Nyae Nyae Conservancy, the Ju/'hoansi village at Nhoma Camp and into the Khaudom Game Reserve.


Walk-in safari tents; rustic private bathrooms with showers; thatched dining area; communal campfire


Hunting and gathering demonstrations; survival skills; bush medicine; traditional dances and games; healing ceremonies; cultural and natural interpretation

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