Lagoon Lodge

With first-rate properties like Lagoon Lodge opening up, Walvis Bay is shedding its industrial skin and fast rising out of its harbour-town ashes as a genuine tourist destination in Namibia.

Our rating: 3/5 Stars
Location: Swakopmund, Namibia

Accommodation Description

Don’t be mislead by the backpackerish exterior, Lagoon Lodge has been taken over by the same French couple who own the Lyon Des Sables restaurant at the Walvis Bay Waterfront. And if you haven’t heard of the Lyon in Walvis, you are in for a treat. A double treat if you stay at the Lagoon Lodge.

The garish yellow and blue façade of Lagoon Lodge belies a plush, modern and lively interior that whispers, "these guys know what they’re doing." The rooms are bright, spacious and decorated with distinct themes that are refreshingly novel with a subtle thread of Africa common to all.

As its name implies, you are on the edge of Walvis Bay Lagoon, a massive natural bay that is literally teeming with life above and below the surface. A short walk along the water’s edge will take you to the aforementioned waterfront but take note: this ain’t no Cape Town V&A and that’s a good thing we say as it retains the texture of an authentic harbour.

And even if you’re on a five-star luxury tour of Namibia, we’re fairly confident that your best breakfast and best dinner will both be in Walvis Bay of all places. A breakfast of crêpes, French toast and fresh fruit will set you up for a day exploring the lagoon. A marine cruise is the water-based equivalent of a safari with dolphins, seals, otters and, if you’re lucky, whales, sharks, turtles and mola mola; the birdlife is amazing on the lagoon, earning it RAMSAR status for obvious reasons: flamingoes, terns, gulls, cormorants, grebes, plovers, pelicans swarm in such numbers you’ll be hard pressed to name them all.

And when you’ve done the lagoon, it’s time to dine. The Lyon Des Sables is easily among the best restaurants in Namibia and its new location at the water’s edge turns it from quirky anomaly into an event. Walvis Bay does have other restaurants to try but only if you’re here for more than one night.

Besides the lagoon, the desert is ripe for exploration with Sandwich Harbour, the salt pans and Dune 7 behind. Swakopmund is 40km along the coast where you’ll find all tourist trade firmly established.


Bed and breakfast accommodation in 8 en suite rooms; all rooms lagoon facing with private balconies; lounge and breakfast room; wi-fi


Walvis Bay marine cruise; lagoon kayaking; birdwatching; Sandwich Harbour and desert tours; duneside activities including walks, quad bike trails and tandem paragliding; Swakopmund day tours

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