Hotel Deutsches Haus

Hotel Deutsches Haus is a small, traditional hotel that is owned and managed with pride by Andreas and Cynthie.

Our rating: 2/5 Stars
Location: Swakopmund, Namibia

Accommodation Description

The hotel is situated near the town centre on a quiet street off the main road. Its 20 en suite rooms are neat, comfortable and decked in finest 70s fancy garb when brown was all the rage.

The rest of the hotel features a heady mix of African and German influences. The front of the hotel is lined with bench seats and umbrellas. Here there is usually an interesting collection of patrons gulping down large mugs of frosty bear and tucking into all manner of traditional meals. Inside there is an enclosed swimming pool, a private bar and a restaurant.


20 rooms; en suite; telephones; TV on request; wireless internet; indoor swimming pool; sauna; bar; restaurant; beer garden; off-street parking


Restaurants and bars; nature excursions on land and sea; bird watching; ocean and desert adventures; swimming; sports; fishing; diving; historical and cultural tours; museums; galleries; local arts and crafts

The Hotel Deutsches Haus is popular with large groups and is an ideal base for exploring the charming town of Swakopmund. Further afield the activities begin to outnumber the hours in the day - let us advise and make bookings for you.

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