Atlantic Villa

Joining the uprising of boutiquey luxury guesthouses, Atlantic Villa competes, puffed-out chest and all, with some of the more upmarket and modern hotels in Swakopmund.

Our rating: 3/5 Stars
Location: Swakopmund, Namibia

Accommodation Description

Situated on the outskirts of town a short drive or long walk from the action, Atlantic Villa offers direct access to the beach, large, modern and luxurious rooms with open-plan en suite bathrooms very much à la mode in Namibia at the moment. High-tech features turn your room into a veritable man cave and the long beach walks will satisfy the romantics among us.

Choose from self-catering family units, a range of standards in double or twin configuration or the enormous luxury suites. Ensure you get a sea-facing room (unless you have a penchant for drab car parks and building sites) and make your dinner and transport reservations well in advance - a function your front desk will happily fulfil.

The Wreck, opposite, is one of Swakopmund’s best restaurants and the only one within walking distance of Atlantic Villa. For the rest, a short taxi or shuttle ride along the coast will see you to a variety of restaurants, shops and tourist attractions.


Bed and breakfast or self-catering accommodation in a range of standards; en suite (open plan) bathrooms; satellite TV; entertainment centre; wi-fi; coffee machine; bar and lounge; heated swimming pool; terrace with sea view


Swakopmund’s variety of activities are legendary: from nature excursions into the desert and out to sea to adventure activities and slightly less arduous cultural offerings there’s something for everyone at this oddball seaside-desert town we call home.

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