Desert Homestead Outpost

Desert Homestead Outpost is an upmarket, upscale, up-everything version of the Desert Homestead in the Namib Desert 30km from the entrance to Sossusvlei.

Our rating: 4/5 Stars
Location: Sossusvlei, Namibia

Accommodation Description

The main lodge appears to be have been carved out of the desert rather than built atop it so natural are the materials and so sensitive the architecture. At the base of a rocky mountain, Desert Homestead Outpost looks out across what must be one of the most spellbinding views on Earth: an uninterrupted panorama so vast it beggars belief, no hint of human habitation and an ever-shifting spectrum of blondes, browns, yellows and reds framed by a mountain range of Marsian hues topped with a deep blue sky only the world’s oldest desert can produce. Words are an insult; we suggest you witness it yourself.

Twelve huge stone-walled, thatch-roofed, canvas-sided suites line the mountain base, spaced far apart and angled just right for you to enjoy the view as if it were yours and yours alone through the floor-to-ceiling windows or your shaded balcony. The décor is understated and elegant, the en suite bathroom is huge with a double-volume shower and twin basins. An outside stairway leads you to a flat-topped portion of roof where you can watch the night sky - with zero light pollution - doing its level best to top the daytime viewing.

The main lodge serves a set menu dinner under those same stars, or indoors beside a towering chiminea on wintry desert nights. A swimming pool, bar, viewing deck and cool lounge cover all the de-stressing bases.

Perhaps the most amazing feature of this wonderful desert outpost is the solar power. Topped with panels the shaded carports form a rather sizeable solar farm that powers your air con, charges your gadgets, and cools your drinks; even your hot water is solar heated.

Despite these arid conditions, you will likely see oryx - the national animal of Namibia - ostrich, mountain zebra and springbok dotting the plains below. Keep a pair of binoculars at hand and you might be lucky enough to see cheetah or leopard - a good excuse for another cold drink thank you very much.

High above the lodge is an unmissable sunset viewing deck and the Outpost has a well-marked 10km running trail for the mentally unstable (although even the most lethargic among us might be tempted to experience a car-free trundle through this haunting landscape).

Another activity you should seriously consider is an overnight hike between the Desert Homestead and the Outpost - in that order we suggest. The hike is fully portered and doesn’t require extraordinary levels of fitness. And of course the Desert Homestead is most famous for its desert rides either short outrides or multi-day treks - could there be a better way to experience this magnificent place? A hot-air balloon at sunrise might come close. And did we mention a day trip to Sossusvlei? Don’t forget about Sossusvlei.


12 luxury rooms including a superior suite; en suite bathrooms with solar-heated showers, twin vanities and flushing toilet; balcony; air conditioning; main lodge with swimming pool, viewing deck, restaurant, bar and lounge; wi-fi and safe; mountain-top viewing deck; laundry; shaded parking; airstrip


Scale the small hill to the viewing deck; hiking/running trails; guided game viewing and nature drives; guided hikes; desert horse trails (overnight and outrides); early morning guided or self-drive day trips to Sossusvlei; hot-air balloon rides and scenic flights (pre-booking recommended)

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