Khowarib Lodge

Khowarib Lodge is a comfortable safari lodge in Kaokoland, Namibia: a vast, wild and beautiful wilderness area inhabited by Himba pastoralists and desert-adapted wildlife.

Our rating: 3/5 Stars
Location: Kaokoland, Namibia

Accommodation Description

At Khowarib Lodge you are on the edge of Kaokoland , an area so vast and rugged it ranks as one of Earth's last true wilderness areas where time has stood still for millennia. Running water and ice in your gin and tonic take on whole new worlds of significance.

Kaokoland is the outer frontier of Namibia inhabited by a scattering of Himba nomads, free roaming rhino, desert-adapted elephant and staggering vistas of rocky mountains, flat plains and blue skies.

Khowarib Lodge is your last comfort stop for hundreds of miles in every direction.

Situated along the only perennial river inside Namibia, Khowarib Lodge enjoys an idyllic location surrounded by Kaokoland wilderness and only 2km from the main road north past Etosha to the Kunene River.

Accommodation at Khowarib Lodge consists of 14 wood-and-canvas chalets on stilts with delightful open-air bathrooms, deep shade inside and a small private balcony entrance with views across the gorge. The living area, also under thatch features a comfortable lounge and dining area, curio shop and reception. The lodge is supplied by mains electricity and has plenty of water; combined with eco-friendly construction, you've got the best of both worlds: in the wild but not subjected to its harsh side.


14 canvas chalets; en suite bathrooms with shower and running water; private balcony overlooking the river and the Khowarib Gorge; double or twin beds; mains electricity; large living area with dining area and lounge; curio shop; airstrip and transfers; close to the main road to Kunene.


The activities at Khowarib Lodge are its best asset A Kaokoland safari is about one of the best experiences Namibia has to offer. Everything from the absence of people to the fascinating flora and fauna and the spectacular scenery is unique and you are unlikely to match this experience anywhere else in the world.

A team of well-trained local guides offer you an intimate and authentic Kaokoland experience. Discover the fascinating Himba villages and their way of life, track rhino on foot, search for desert-adapted elephant or simply enjoy the impressive scenery at sunset.

Khowarib Lodge also arranges birding tours, rock art outings and guided walks along the Huanib River and around the Khowarib Gorge.

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