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Etosha has two distinct seasons: wet and dry. The wet season runs from January to March, during this time the pans usually fill with water and animals give birth. Dry season runs from July to September and is the best time to see wildlife as they gather at waterholes. The 'in between' months are neither wet nor dry and also amazing.

January: Birds flock to the flooded pan - flamingoes can number in the millions. Average temp: 28/20, Average Rainfall: 130mm February: Generally the rainiest month, wildlife is no longer restricted to a few waterholes, the massive herds of game disperse and animals give birth. Average temp: 27/19, Average Rainfall: 125mm March: There is plenty of water and plenty for animals to eat animals but the lush vegetation mostly hides the animals. Average temp: 27/17, Average Rainfall: 97mm April: The parched landscape has been transformed into lush green bush. Average temp: 26/15, Average Rainfall: 42mm May: The rains dry up and dry season begins, best time for game viewing starts. Average temp: 25/10, Average Rainfall: 5mm June: Glistening salt pans are emptying. The days are warm but the nights are very cold with no rain.. Average temp: 22/7, Average Rainfall: 0mm July: Natural waterholes have shrunk, trees are bare, wildlife gather at waterholes. An excellent time for game viewing. Average temp: 22/6, Average Rainfall: 2mm August: Animals are tense and edgy awaiting the first rains. It is very dry and the country looks stark. Average temp: 25/10, Average Rainfall: 0mm September: Temperatures start to rise quickly after spring. Hot days and pleasant night time temperatures.. Average temp: 29/15, Average Rainfall: 3mm October: October brings hope with clouds building and perhaps a few showers. Average temp: 30/18, Average Rainfall: 15mm November: Rainy season begins with sensational rain clouds forming. Average temp: 30/19, Average Rainfall: 52mm December: Bird watching is at its peak and the dry bush starts transforming into fields of grass dotted with wildlife. Average temp: 30/20, Average Rainfall: 82mm

Etosha National Park, Namibia

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