Okaukuejo Campsite

This is the camp most visitors travel through so it’s busy.

Our rating: 2/5 Stars
Location: Etosha National Park, Namibia

Accommodation Description

You can get a site near the waterhole and there’s more privacy and space at the end of the camp - but it’s more of a hike to the shower blocks. Big groups arrive here too so get up early to avoid the queues.

But you don’t come here to go glamping, this is the place to pitch up quickly, grab a beer and head to the waterhole as the sun sets. Nobody outside of the camp gets to do this - they close the gates as it gets dark. Next morning set your alarm early and you’ll get a head start on the outsiders too. Just bring plenty of your own supplies.


Restaurant; bar; swimming pool; kiosk; shop; petrol station


Inside Etosha National Park; game drives; floodlit waterhole at the lodge

Etosha is an enormous game park with several pans formed from an ancient inland sea. Many springs and waterholes line the edges of the pans and they attract a random and continuous display of the 114 mammals and 340 bird species to be found in the park.

Although you can drive for great distances visiting any number of waterholes in Etosha, most of your game viewing will be done from the lodge in an easy chair because you'll be at one of the best waterholes in the park.

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