Hoada Campsite

Tucked into and built around a jumble of elephant-size boulders, each campsite has its own ablution facilities, own kitchen and wonderful private settings. Your water is heated by a donkey - a wood-fired, boiler - and you have flushing toilets, sinks and and a glorious outdoor shower. What more could you want?

Our rating: 3/5 Stars
Location: Damaraland, Namibia

Accommodation Description

The soft sand of the campsites makes for perfect barefoot holidays and the shade from the acacia and mopane trees is a welcome treat in the heat of Damaraland. More welcome still is the small swimming pool, also cleverly built into the rocks with a view of the vast Damaraland valley.

Part of a community conservation project, Hoada campsite is owned by the - you’ll need to wet your lips and clear your throat for this one - #Khoadi //Hoas Conservancy. Best you ask your friendly camp assistants for pronunciation tips. The community works in partnership with the renowned Grootberg Lodge about 25km away to ensure high standards are maintained.

Grootberg Lodge offers a variety of guided activities, you’ll just need to book (through us, or directly with the lodge if you prefer to keep it spontaneous) and make your way to the lodge in your own vehicle.


Six private campsites; individual ablutions; wood-fired hot water; outdoor shower; flushing toilets; cooking and kitchen facilities; shade and level ground for ground or rooftop tents; swimming pool; firewood for sale (proceeds to the community)


Sundowner deck; nature walks and self-guided drives; Grootberg Lodge 25km from Hoada Campsite offers guided rhino and elephant tracking; Himba village excursions and scenic nature drives

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