Camp Xaragu

In the hot, dry and dusty region of Damaraland luxury comes in the form of an iced drink, a shady table and a refreshing plunge pool.

Our rating: 2/5 Stars
Location: Damaraland, Namibia

Accommodation Description

Camp Xaragu (KA-ra-goo) is a paired down back-to-basics camp with a charming barnyard appeal that sheds pretence and enforces relaxation and easy banter.

Surrounded by a menagerie of habituated orphans - including a cheeky baboon, an inquisitive ostrich and, the camps namesake, a manic meerkat - Xaragu offers shaded campsites and comfortable en suite tented rooms.

The main living area is usually scattered with supine travellers swilling ice cold Tafels under the shade of the thatched bar-cum-restaurant or - spot the European - on the sun loungers beside the pool. A shop caters for your essentials: firewood, washing aids, cigarettes and lighters.


Ten camping sites with communal ablution facilities; en suite tented chalets with barbecues; bar; restaurant; curio shop; swimming pool


Game drives; day trips to San rock paintings, Burnt Mountain and Petrified Forest; hiking; scenic sunset drives

The area has many attractions and guided tours are conducted on request to the rock-painting-riddled Twyflefontein, the Petrified Forest and the Burnt Mountain; if you're lucky you'll encounter some a herd of the fascinating desert-adapted elephants and even hook-lipped rhino - the world's last free-roaming, no less.

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