Camp Buruxa

No instagram, no uploading, no down loading. Just stop. Look. Listen. There’s nothing. Just an innate stillness. A liberating, dry emptiness. And there, in the hills near the Soris Soris turn off, deep in Damaraland is a potjie pot on a fire. An incongruous lamppost and a camp. Buruxa.

Our rating: 1/5 Stars
Location: Damaraland, Namibia

Accommodation Description

Opened in May 2018 the camp is located on the banks of the dried Aba Huab River. This place is new and stunning. Tents in a row staring to the horizon. It’s a liberating experience being here, in one of the world’s last known wildernesses. Planet Earth has never looked so primed. So expectant. 

Ten en suite safari tents. They are immaculate. They’re up on stilts like tree houses alone in a barren vista. But nature is clever. Remember the scene in Jurassic Park? The one where Jeff Goldblum’s character says life finds a way? And that’s what you get here. Little bursts of scrub in the dry, ochre sand; animals desert adapted. Alive, alive, oh.


A stunning pool with views to the horizon. If the definition of an infinity pool is one where water appears to have no boundary, then this is that. Simple, it just emerges from the ground on smart, wooden decking. 


Desert elephants. 
Go and find them.
Huge. Silent. There.

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