The highlights of Namibia have taken millennia to reach their present state. Nowhere is the age of the earth more evident than in the ancient landscape of the world's oldest desert - The Namib Desert and of course the famous Sossusvlei. In Namibia, the layers of time are clearly marked and preserved: a dinosaur's footprints fossilised in rock; an ancient volcano worn by wind to its core; a 20,000-year-old meteorite; rock paintings over 26,000 years old; a river canyon 300 million years in the making. It took 5 million years for the dunes in the Great Sand Sea to get to their present state and they are considered young. Their petrified counterparts are over 20 million years old.

Despite its parched reputation, Namibia is one of the best wildlife destinations in Africa. Etosha National Park is a phenomenon unto itself. With a vast saline desert as its eye it is surrounded by tear ducts of natural springs that support an astonishing array of indigenous species. The Waterberg Plateau, Damaraland, Kalahari and Caprivi add fascinating and widely contrasting wildlife dimensions to complete the game viewing experience.

The people who inhabit this land, few though they may be, are no less captivating than their surrounds. San hunter-gatherers continue their ancient traditions in the area known as Bushmanland ; the Himba are nomadic herdsman with proud traditions who live in the remote and rugged Kaokoland and along the Kunene River. Coastal towns bear witness to the changing fortunes of an inhospitable shoreline. The ghost of a diamond-rush era remains in Luderitz; Swakopmund thrives despite its precarious location and shipwrecks along the Skeleton Coast reveal the source of its grisly name.

Favourite Places to Visit


Star dunes with up to five crests rise 300m into the air and rank among the biggest in the world; the dune valleys are marked by vast clay pans where the Tsauchab River gave up its fight to reach the sea more than 60,000 years ago.

Etosha National Park

Famous for its wildlife, Etosha Park supports 114 species of mammal and over 340 species of bird. At the heart of the park is a 4,800 square kilometre salt pan surrounded by sparse shrubs and grassy plains, the perfect haven for animals.

Skeleton Coast

Ever seen Namibian sands in a beach holiday advert? Thought not. This ain’t no sun, sea and sangria destination. But what a destination it is. The coastline here stretches nearly a thousand miles and offers you something totally unique.


Damaraland features vast khaki plains, sheer rocky mountains and incredible desert-adapted wildlife. Track rhino and desert elephant,explore the rugged land or sit back and enjoy the dramatic and endless scenery.


Surrounded by the ancient Namib desert and the inhospitable - but bounteous - Atlantic Ocean, Swakopmund is alive with activity and has a lot on offer for the adventure-seeker: quad-biking, sand-boarding, horse-riding, skydiving and more.


Caprivi in Namibia is a lush, sub-tropical wetland. Large expanses of open water are fringed with palm trees, reeds and papyrus. Flood plains are dotted with broad-leafed woodlands, the wildlife is mostly riverine and birdlife is abundant.

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Extravagant Namibia Fly-in Safari


This is an 11 day tour of the best of Namibia. An extravagant ride with top notch, fully inclusive accommodation. The best of the best. You’ll visit the Namib Desert, fly along the spectacular and eerie Skeleton Coast, then explore the north of the country before arriving in the great, and world renowned, Etosha National Park. It’s a flexible itinerary with many options available.

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ZAR 172,870 pps
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Classic Namibia Safari


Discover Namibia. One of southern Africa's best safari and wilderness destinations. All the major highlights of Namibia in 16 days with your very own private and expert guide on all things Namibia and everything in between. Discover the country. Discover its beauty. It's vast and mostly empty but not void of adventure.

Price from:
ZAR 84,035 pps
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Namibia Highlights Safari


You could spend a lifetime exploring Namibia. Here we've assembled the highlights in a eleven-day guided journey of fascinating discovery that includes the Kalahari, the Namib, the Skeleton Coast, Damaraland and Etosha National Park.

Price from:
ZAR 49,865 pps
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