Ian Rowett: Web Editor

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As Web Editor for Namibia Tours and Safaris, Ian is responsible for the content, development, maintenance and marketing of our website.

Ian's favourite things:

Klaus - part hyena part baboon, Claus brings Ian nothing but joy and almost-dead mice. He also has a penchant for midnight catfights and sleeping under the covers. He is an irreverent, confident and entirely charming cat. No wonder he is top of Ians list of favourites.

Pink Floyd - a mystery I have tried, and failed, to solve. Luckily Ian's music taste also includes greats like Celine Dion, Phil Collins and Mariah Carey.

Zimbabwe - Zimbabwean by birth he is quickly coming to terms with the inhospitable surroundings of Swakopmund and the rest of Namibia - "Its dry but you can drink it" says Ian.

Squash - After being out of the game for many years Ian is back on top as Namibia's no. 1 squash player. He is fast becoming a local celebrity and I have overheard squash club talk "his style really turns me on"

Chips - Add chips to any meal and Ian is delighted.

Written by Andree Rowett

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