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We know all about first impressions and that’s why Estelle is the glamorous face of Namibia Tours & Safaris and your warm welcome to Namibia.

Our dedicated meet-and-greet girl, Estelle will meet you either at the airport or at your Windhoek hotel and ready you for an amazing adventure.

She'll be armed with route maps, GPS, CDs, vouchers, emergency numbers and all manner of peace-of-mind objets that nine times out of ten never see the light of day. And she's more than happy to answer all your questions and share her impressive knowledge of travelling through Namibia with you.

A true Namibian and a true host, Estelle has owned two restaurants, travelled the world as a flight attendant and more recently worked at a charter flight company.

Estelle loves Namibia for its open spaces, sunshine (hates winter so Namibia's about as good as you can get), people, wildlife, scenery, cultures... basically the same things every other true-blue Namibian loves about their country.

ANd of Namibia as a destination Estelle says:

Even when the country is fully booked you can still feel like the only one out there.

Well said.

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