Andree Rowett: Production Manager

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Andree Rowett #2

Andree is in charge of designing the website and maintaining the pages. She also manages our online marketing campaigns.

One of three daughters, each a member of NTS, Andree manages all aspects of the website from design to online marketing campaigns to site updates - a job that keeps her out of trouble for most of the day.

Nationality-wise, Andree is a mixed bag. Her parents both hail from Zimbabwe, father of Afrikaans descent, mother of English descent and Andree was born in Durban. She spent her childhood in Cape Town and, after finishing high school in Windhoek, she lived in England and Cape Town for several years before returning to Namibia.

Education-wise, we like to think of Andree as our Multi-cultural Attaché with an Honours Degree in House-moving though her Media School experience does also come in handy from time to time.

Leisure-time-wise, Andree loves swimming in the sea and has recently developed an unnatural fondness for squash: a sport that demands equal measures of strength, fitness, flexibility, stamina, co-ordination and guile. She's also rather fond of dinner parties, coffee breaks and her two cats: Wolfgang and The Baroness Klaus von Bassingthwaighte - aka Klaus.

Written by Ian Rowett

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