COVID Terms and Conditions

Over the past two years, much changed during the COVID-19 pandemic and whilst we all had to adjust, we’re happy to say that as life now gets back to “normal”, it’s back to business as usual for all of us at NTS and for travel to our special part of southern Africa. Hooray!

As long as COVID-19 is still classified as a pandemic, we remain committed to offer flexibility and security when travelling with us, but we also know that the impacts of COVID-19 on travel are far less of a factor now. Travel bans have fallen away, testing is now seldom mandatory in order to board flights and cross borders and international travel is on the rise again. Bottom line, once your tour is booked it’s unlikely that you’d now have to cancel or postpone because of COVID-19. For this reason, we have amended our COVID Terms and Conditions accordingly to reflect the return to normalcy and also take into account the Terms and Conditions of our suppliers with the growing demand for availability and increase in travel again.  

Postponement or cancellation of a tour will only be considered according to the following, otherwise our standard Terms and Conditions will apply in all cases:

  • Country of destination is under official Government imposed state of lock-down that would prohibit guests to be able to enter said destination.
  • If international borders are closed for travel between the guest’s country of origin/residence and the destination country or vice versa.
  • Country of guest’s origin/ residence does not allow travel or enforces mandatory quarantine at a government specified accommodation at guest’s cost on return from the destination country that guests will be travelling to.
  • If the guest’s international flights are cancelled with no possibility to book alternative routing in order to reach country of destination.
  • If guests have contracted COVID-19 and are therefore unable to travel whilst being treated or if placed in quarantine for recovery.
  • If guests are prohibited from boarding a flight or from entering the country of destination on account of a failed health screening.

Our revised COVID Terms and Conditions (as of July 2022) are as follows:

  • If a tour/safari is postponed, we will endeavour, where possible, not to increase your quote but this does depend on assistance from our suppliers and their individual policies
  • If the tour is postponed, there is a possibility of a small extra cost/ increase due to seasonal or annual rates
  • If a tour is postponed from now, up to 5 years from now, your deposit will be held in trust and credited to your next booking
    - Your credit voucher is calculated on your deposit paid minus any cancellation, postponement and admin fees incurred
  • An admin fee will be charged on any postponement (of a tour outside of 60 days from the intended date of travel). This fee is calculated at 2% of the new postponed tour amount invoiced once the tour has been re-booked. This will be added tot he invoice accordingly. Every postponement will incur an admin fee accordingly
    - For tours including bookings to Botswana and Zimbabwe, the admin fee for this section of the tour is calculated at USD$20 per person per night (with a minimum  charge of USD$ 100 per person). Not applying to children under the age of 18
  • Any tour that is cancelled completely without it being postponed, the non-refundable 20%deposit will be forfeited and cannot be refunded as per our standard Terms and Conditions
  • Any tour cancelled, and fully paid, the refund will depend on supplier cancellation policies but we will endeavour to refund as much as possible. Note that the 20%non-refundable deposit will be forfeited as with the above

We will continue to handle each cancellation or postponement separately in order to assist where possible should travel not be allowed because of the pandemic. We will negotiate with suppliers to ease their cancellation policies on a case by case basis.

We are happy to negotiate with suppliers on your behalf in as far as we can according to individual policies, however it is worth noting that most tours postponed outside of the 60 day window are more likely to incur rate increases in order to move bookings, as opposed to those amended last minute due to imposed restrictions and not being able to travel due to the pandemic.

Please note that we will require reasonable evidence, in written statements and/or documents to support the reasons given for cancellation of your booking. Any other reasons for cancellation will be subject to our standard Terms and Conditions.

All existing and new bookings will be treated on a case by case basis as we endeavour to provide the best possible solution to ensure you are well looked after and most importantly to ensure you are able to enjoy your holiday after all.

Thank you for your support. We appreciate your understanding. Your travel consultant is happy to answer any questions you have or if you need clarity on anything.

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