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Sun-bleached and sand-blasted, we’re convinced Marcel’s blood runs saline and that she was a dolphin if not some sort of amphibian in a past life.

Marcel is an effervescent seltzer overflowing with an adventurous spirit inherited from her equally adventurous parents who, for the present, run Etosha Village Safari Lodge - a relatively sedate posting after living off the land most their lives.

With a youth spent exploring the outermost regions of Namibia and southern Africa en famille, Marcel nurtured her thirst for exploration and adventure. No wonder then that she set sail - quite literally - for the great beyond straight after school and didn’t look back for 15 years.

From island hopping in the Indian Ocean to deep-sea diving in Southeast Asia and across the pond to the Bahamas and the US, Marcel has seen more coral reefs and idyllic beaches than the average human has had TV dinners.

And how did we, humble NTS, capture such a free spirit? We didn’t of course, for such a spirit cannot be tethered, but Marcel balances her relentless pursuit of adventure with yoga and meditation and camping with friends under the great Namibian sky. Besides, living in Swakopmund there’s no shortage of sailing, surfing, diving action to fuel her energetic soul. And when not in, on or otherwise doing something connected with the ocean, Marcel likes cycling, skateboarding and, like everyone else here, she loves being in the African bush.

With such a deep connection to nature and Namibia, we’re lucky to have Marcel aboard Team NTS and we’re confident she’ll be with us for the long run. Welcome home, Marcel.

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Marcel has been a very busy woman, booking all kinds of amazing tours for customers from all over the world. Here is a selection of her recently booked trips.

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Booked: 18-day Classic Namibia Safari

Windhoek, Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, Damaraland, Etosha National Park, Waterberg, Windhoek

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June 2017

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