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Kady grew up right here in Swakopmund and after a travelling the world - like every Swakopmunder must do - she has returned home to follow her three passions: Namibia, travel and inline hockey.

Kady is the missing puzzle piece we didn’t even know was missing. Joining our team early in 2017 she slotted in immediately and carries the hallmarks of our ethos: a kind and happy demeanour, well-travelled, crazy about Namibia and exceptionally talented at some sporting or cultural pursuit, the more obscure the better - in Kady’s case its inline hockey.

Born and bred in Swakopmund, Kady is fluent in English, German and Afrikaans. And after her requisite post-high school whirlwind tour of the world, Kady developed a healthy kinship with the travel industry and this, coupled with her palpable national pride, makes for one excellent tour consultant.

Kady’s adventurous spirit and sporting prowess have taken her to USA, Canada, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and “most of Europe” thrown in for good measure. Closer to home, Kady has travelled to South Africa, Zanzibar, Mauritius and of course all over her native Namibia on countless family camping trips.

Ask for her favourite place in Namibia, Kady will give you a diplomatic, “Too difficult to give one specific answer, there’s too much to love and admire about every highlight this country has to offer. All I want is to be able to help people see and enjoy our beautiful country.”

Inline hockey is a sport not unlike ice hockey - just as gruelling but without the punch-up and Kady has played it at the highest level representing Namibia at the World Championships in Anaheim, CA.

Loves travel? Check. Crazy about Namibia? Check. Exceptional talent? Check. Kind and happy demeanour? Depends who’s got the puck.

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